Bad F’n Bunny.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves

Raw Women’s Championship: (C) Bianca Belair v Io Sky

First off. This crowd was hyped for everything all night and elevated every match just by the pure power of positivity. So kudos to them. That being said? This one was a good one regardless. Both athletes did a great job and each showcased their unique abilities the entire contest. The ending wasn’t the best but it was a really solid opener. 1-1

Winner: Bianca retained with a KOD.

Savio Vega gifts Bad Bunny with a Puerto Rican themed kendo stick.

Seth Rollins v Omos (w/MVP)

Seth didn’t get the performance out of the big man that Brock did at Mania but it still was solid enough for a point. Once again the crowd helped immensely. 2-2

Winner: Seth won after a mega stomp from the top.

US Championship: (C) Austin Theory v Bobby Lashley v Bronson Reed

This seemed like a house show match all the way to the bullshit ending. Nope. 2-3

Winner: Theory retained after a screwy pin.

Smackdown Women’s Championship: (C) Rhea Ripley v Zelina Vega

Probably the best I’ve seen out of Zelina in years. The crowd was hyped to see her represent Puerto Rico and if Rhea wasn’t in her first defense she might have pulled it off just for the moment. Solid contest. 3-4

Winner: Rhea kept the title after a giant Riptide.

San Juan Street Fight: Damian Priest v Bad Bunny

I’ve seen takes that declared this should have been the main event. You know what? They are right. Hell of a performance by both guys. PLUS the crowds response to both Carlito and Savio made this a very Canadian Stampede style happy ending. Easy point. 4-5

Winner: Bad Bunny gets the win in a complete clusterfuck of the best variety.

The Bloodline v Matt Riddle/Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn

Not a bad match but it was hard to follow that last one. I really wish they would get to the fireworks factory with the Bloodline soon because good matches will get boring quick if this story isn’t wrapped up. 5-6

Winner: Solo gets the dub for his team after a Samoan Spike on Riddle.

Cody Rhodes v Brock Lesnar

Another solid match but it was also overshadowed by that street fight. Brock bleeding a gusher definitely added a little extra oomph to it though. I’ll take it. 6-7

Winner: Cody gets the win with a fluke roll-up.

Final Tally?

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