A HUGE show with limited tickets remaining.

The closed set taping is open to show sponsors and up to 30 VIP passholders – they currently have a few VIP passes remaining if you’d like to grab one at the link at the bottom.

Also, Indiana’s PBS affiliate will be in attendance to do a story on PPW for their program “Flyover Country.” So that’s kinda neat.

Here’s what had been announced…

Heavy Hitters Championship
Alex Kane vs Isaiah Broner 2

Super Middleweight Championship
Jordan Blade vs Sage Philips

Dominic Garrini vs Austin Connelly

Terminal Combat
Ron Mathis vs Mads Krule Krügger

Max the Impaler vs Max Zero

Derek Neal vs Gnarls Garvin

Eden Von Engeland vs Sidney Von Engeland

Dustin Leonard vs Victor Benjamin

Steve Pena vs Tommy Vendetta

Jackson Stone vs Lobo Okami

Brutus Dylan vs Damian King

Phoenix Kidd vs Weber Hatfield

Ray Jaz vs Brandon Williams

Josh Crane vs Schwartzy

Zeke Mercer vs Orion Starlight

CREEPs vs DDTrash

Jake Bravado vs Angelo Carter

Flash Thompson vs Luis Casanova

Dimitri Alexandrov vs Ryan Clancy

Ryan Clark vs Arthur McArthur

Tanner Keeler vs Matt Hagen

Trevor Aeon in action

Plus tons more! If you’d like to attend, you can pick up one of the few remaining VIP passes at http://www.ParadigmProWrestling.com.

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