Romero and King were a fun combination.


Starring: Mark Twain, Frank Drebin, Sam Malone, Stephen King and Ed Harris

Released: 1982

Overly Simplified Plot: There were several since it’s an anthology…

Father’s Day was about a woman who murdered her jerk Dad and paid the price.

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill was about Stephen King playing a hillbilly that finds a meteor in the worst possible way.

Something to Tide You Over showed that Frank Drebin would kill the shit out of you.

The Crate proved that sometimes divorce isn’t the only option.

Finally, They’re Creeping Up on You was all about an old dude who hated bugs.

There was also a wrap around where a kid gets revenge on the always awesome Tom Atkins for being a dick.

Poorly Thought Out Opinion: Some of these were way better than others but combined they make for a fun couple of hours regardless of the time of year.

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