Zombies add a star immediately.


From the THUNDERDOME again.

Commentary: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee, Adnan Virk, Byron Saxton & Corey Graves

Raw Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair v Asuka v (C) Rhea Ripley

This was about as average and medium grade as you can get considering the talent involved. Like, it wasn’t bad or anything just slightly disappointing. Technically fine but nothing you will remember again. 1-1 but barely.

Winner: Rhea retains after a Riptide on Asuka.

Miz and Morrison continue to not get paid enough backstage. Genius.

Earlier the Tag Champions attack Rey’s little boy leaving him all alone. Temporarily.

Smackdown Tag Team Championships: (C) Dolph Ziggler/Robert Roode v Rey/Dominic Mysterio

Rey started by himself but Dom arrived to make the match worse. Look I’m sure the kid is going to eventually be good but I have no desire to watch him learn on PPV. It was obvious and honestly kind of bleh. It’s a no from me. 1-2

Winners: The Mysterios get the titles following a Frog Splash from Dom.

Johnny checks on the lumberjacks but finds a room full of zombies instead.

We get some more tension between Jimmy and his brother and cousin.

Johnny tries to warn Miz that the lumberjacks are zombies but Miz isn’t hearing it.

Lumberjack Match: Damian Priest v Miz (w/John Morrison)

Yes. There were zombies. People are pissed about it. Listen though. We have seen dumb shit in Wrestling for literally ever. Considering what they has to work around the match was actually fine. Plus zombies man. So in conclusion to the internet…


Winner: Priest gets the win and Miz is eaten by Zombies. He also looked like he tweaked his knee. I mean one is clearly worse.

More Uso issues backstage.

Smackdown Women’s Championship: Bayley v (C) Bianca Belair

Definitely the better of the two women’s matches on the night for me. This was solid but definitely a step down the match with Sasha last month. I think the lack of crowd and history making will do that though. Regardless it was definitely watchable. 3-4

Winner: The Champ retains via roll-up and I smell a rematch.

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre v Braun Strowman v (C) Bobby Lashley (w/MVP)

Not a bad hoss style match. They did still fall into the three way issue of one guy disappearing for minutes at a time though. Hell that even played into the finish of the match. What we got was easily worth a point though. 4-5

Winner: The Champ retains after stealing a pin on Braun.

Universal Championship: Cesaro v (C) Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman)

Hell of a main event here. Cesaro fought back from an injury and almost took everything the champ had to give before falling just short in the end. Roman continues to shine in this role and is a highlight of pro wrestling in general right now. 5-6

Winner: Roman retains with the guillotine. After the match Jey arrives to once again declare his loyalty to the Tribal Chief and attacks Cesaro. Before that gets too far Seth Rollins arrives to take over the beating on his own.

Final Tally? 5-6 Mostly decent but other than the Zombies and the main event it’s a show that probably won’t get much attention in the future. The main was awesome though.

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