Welcome to the Temple…

Commentary: Matt Striker and Vampiro

We start out with a guy getting jumped by two dudes in an alley. A Lucha masked hero saves the day though and we hit the credits.

We get a slight history of Lucha and meet Dario Cueto and get a taste of what’s to come.

Melissa Santos welcomes us to a hyped crowd while Matt and Vampiro debut.

Dario Cueto arrives immediately to introduce himself and the Temple. Dude loves violence. He already offers a signing bonus though so he can’t be the worst boss ever.

Blue Demon Jr. v Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Not an explosive opener or anything but it had two well known athletes to the Lucha audience. It’s wild that Matt said Demon was almost at the end of his career considering I called a match of his THIS YEAR. Also the homie Dashawns2cents is in camera for all of this which was cool. Solid opener though. 1-1

Winner: Demon Jr with a Sharpshooter looking submission.

Dario talks with Konnan in the office. Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo are both introduced off screen and a match is made.

Mundo is shown doing his parkour stuff.

We are introduced to Prince Puma in a pretape by Konnan. The Aztec tribes are brought up and Puma has that bloodline. Apparently it ran through Paducah.

We get some background on Sexy Star. She was abused but the mask saved her life. They were going for the role model thing hard. In story it worked but she was apparently a bully in real life sadly.

I forgot how weird Matt Cross’s voice was. He wasn’t fighting a woman apparently.

Son of Havoc v Sexy Star

This wasn’t terrible or anything. Star seemed to have a bit of nerves but Havoc more than made up for it on his end. Quick and mostly painless. 2-2

Winner: Havoc got the win off a backbreaker. Striker said he pulled the tights but since she didn’t move I think it’s a moot point.

Chavo is backstage and Dario gives him massive shit for tapping out. He’s not getting that 100k and Dario has to bring in someone who can take out Demon. 1000 deaths may be coming.

Main Event: Johnny Mundo v Prince Puma (w/Konnan)

The sheer amount of abs in this match is illegal in most countries. Like Jesus boys, eat a carb. Unsurprisingly this was very flippy. Luckily if there were any major issues in there the editing covered it up beautifully. Vampiro called it a match of the year candidate. I wouldn’t go that far but it was a really solid match and dynamite main event for a new wrestling show. 3-3

Winner: Mundo got the pin following The End of the World. They show respect following.

Dario arrives with the briefcase full of cash. Mundo thinks he’s getting paid but Dario’s at this point unnamed thugs arrive to kill that dream. Puma and Johnny are dead.

Final Tally? 3-3 There was nothing on television even remotely close to this at the time. Still isn’t to be honest. A combo of soap opera and indie Wrestling made this first episode an easy watch.

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