April 21, 2018

Crown Point, Indiana

Commentary: Nick Hausman, Gregory Iron

  • Due to coming in second in the recent Twitter voting I will be covering 10 shows from our friends at Black Label Pro.
  • So. In case you haven’t been paying attention lately the way I do these is like this, if I like the match it gets a point if not it doesn’t. Fairly simple and straight forward. Also it’s my OPINION. I’m not an expert nor do I pretend to be so if you enjoy something I don’t more power to you. We good? Cool.

Ethan Page v Kobe Durst

This was a really great opener. Both guys went out there and busted their asses and showed the talent that they possess. Commentary really put over both the experience of Page and the youthful fire of Kobe. This was about the best you could ask for to start a show, it had great back and forth action, both guys looked better afterwards and it got the crowd hyped. 1-1

Winner: Ethan Page got the victory with a Last Ride from the top.

Scott’s Tots (Kevin Ku/Percy Davis) vs General Order 24 (Markus Crane/Eric Ryan)

I miss Markus. This was a solid tag match where everyone got their chance to shine. I miss Percy being in ring all the time even if I do enjoy his commentary. . Crane and Ryan are obviously known as “Deathmatch Guys” but like most of the Deathmatch community they can wrestle their asses off when they want to. They wanted to here. Really good tag match that kept up the momentum of the opener. I am in so far. 2-2

Winners: General Order got the pin after a Ligerbomb from Ryan on Ku.

Chris Dickinson v PCO

These two went out and beat the shit out of each other. Two big, strong and athletic guys hitting the other man as hard as they can is a good way to get over with me. Dickinson was and is an imposing physical specimen with all the ability in the world. What can you say about PCO? The guy is a genetic freak that at this point in time had found the fountain of youth and was on the roll of his life. I dug it. 3-3

Winner: PCO got the victory with a top rope Moonsault.

  • Nice show of respect following.

Kody Rice v Shane Sabre

These two guys should honestly be bigger deals than they currently are. There was some comedy sprinkled in but it was a nice little back and forth match. Nothing that will win any match of the year deals anywhere but definitely fun and worth a point for sure. 4-4

Winner: Shane got the victory with a Rollup with some shenanigans and a handful of tights.

Fred Yehi v Simon Grimm

 I really like this match a lot, in fact, I would take this match home to meet my Mom. This was like an old school 1980’s match with a little MMA and some new moves thrown in. Two guys going out there and trying to out wrestle the other man without a lot of gaga or high risk spots. It was such a contrast to everything else on the card and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. Loved this. 5-5

Winner: Yehi got the win with a Koji-Clutch.

Jaxon Stone v Mark Wheeler v Pat Monix v PB Smooth v Sage Philips v Tre Lamar

It’s an indie scramble match folks. My enjoyment of them varies depending on my mood. I love most of these guys but I wasn’t feeling it this time around. I miss Pat Monix and wish he would come back. Lots of talent in here but I just wasn’t feeling it tonight. 5-6

Winner:  Pat got the win after he MURDERED Wheeler with a DDT.

Shazza McKenzie v Allie Kat

Both athletes are skilled, charismatic and fun to watch. They had a really good back and forth match and each competitor really showed the crowd what they were capable of. You can see why both of these women are booked as many places as they are (or were in Shazza’s case due to Covid) because they went out and worked their asses off to put together a hell of a match. I could watch this time of contest every day. Awesome work. 6-7

Winner: Allie got the win with the “Pussymaker” Headbutt.

#No New Friends (Danny Adams/KLD) vs Mance Warner/AJ Gray

Man oh man do I love tag team wrestling. These two teams were made to fight each other. Danny and KLD were a hell of a team and did a great job of getting the fans to call for their heads. Too bad Danny became a Dad. Mancer and AJ coming out to the APA’s music is about as good a choice as could be made with these two. Although they really needed a team name that I’m not sure they ever got. I guess SGC ended up being it though. This was a great tag team match that did what all great matches do, have you wanting a rematch. Kudos to all four men. 7-8

Winner: Double Count Out.

  • All four men continue to brawl after the match was over. KLD had a chest that looks like hamburger meat after this fight. Good times.

  • Tom Lawlor’s entrance for the next match was a sight to behold guys.

 Black Label Pro Championship Nick Gage vs (C) Tom Lawlor (w/Josh Bishop)

 I don’t think I need to hype this main event up. Two of the baddest dudes walking the Earth don’t need much hype. This was a great match. Tom didn’t need to cheat to beat anyone but Joshua constantly interfering set up a great story that would be paid off in the end. Nick Gage went out there and wrestled his ass off to get this match over. This was a hell of a main event and both men deserve all the praise in the world for putting together a story like this. Nick looked like a world beater, Tom looked like a sneaky bastard and both men looked like bigger stars. Amazing stuff. 8-9

Winner: Tom got the win after reversing a suplex into a small package.

  • Turns out Tom had one more match…

Black Label Pro Championship Jordynne Grace v (C) Tom Lawlor (w/Josh Bishop)

There wasn’t a whole lot to the match, but it was all about the moment. After getting a less than clean victory in the previous match it was good to see Tom getting his comeuppance. Josh would attempt his shenanigans again but would be ran off by (at the time noted Jordynne Grace creeper) Gregory Iron and that left an exhausted champion with a fresh challenger. So Jordynne proceeded to whip Tom’s ass in a hurry and send him crawling to the back. Really fun ending to the show. 9-10

Winner: Jordynne wins the title after a Vaderbomb.

Overall Thoughts: 9-10 Hell of a show from BLP. Even the one thing that didn’t get a point wasn’t bad it was just preference. Good job to everyone on the card for this and I’m glad it became a yearly deal.

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