September 19, 1981

New Episodes Of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Added To WWE ...

Commentary: Bob Caudle/ David Crockett

  • We kick things off with David being the worst still. Piper, Wahoo and Abby are all unbanned now. The crowd demanded them back apparently.


  • Ron Bass is out first. Still a weird babyface. He is just here to help people apparently. Talk about trying to hard.


Mike Miller/Ricky Harris v Steamboat/Youngblood

I honestly had to Google that Ricky Harris became Black Bart. I knew he looked familiar but all these dudes do on these old ass shows.The guy has sold his ass off the first two shows and I’m glad he went somewhere. Steamboat and Youngblood are obviously a better team than the thrown together squads of last week. I still don’t see the appeal of Jay though. This was alright. 1-1

Winner: Steamboat gets the pin with a high cross on Miller.


Sgt. Slaughter v Ron Ritchie

Not as fun as last week’s Sarge match but he still was looking pretty good so far in the promotion. Ritchie was not what I would call on his game here though so the match was eh. I’m really digging Sarge though but not enough to save this one. 1-2

Winner: Sarge with Gutbuster.


Jake Roberts v Jim Nelson

Not a bad match. Nelson had almost no chance until Ole and Piper came out as a distraction. Jake had to fight from behind the 8 ball the rest of the way. The shocker was him busting out the DDT and it wasn’t even the finish! I didn’t even know he did that at this point. Wild. 2-3

Winner: Jake with a knee lift.

  • Ole thinks about coming in but Piper holds him back as Ron Bass arrives.


  • Ole didn’t go in so he didn’t get suspended. Such a smart guy. Piper is out of his mind. 2 sweet promos back to back.
  • Slaughter is right behind them. Bob “Jack” didn’t introduce him right. He’s winning a title. Slaughter is a little bit of alright at this period.


NWA Television Championship: Charlie Fulton v (C) Ron Bass 

They stress that the title is on the line for the first 15 minutes of the match…but then announce a 10 minute time limit. Charlie Fulton was a Keith Whitley looking mother fucker and wrestled just as well I bet. My God this match was boring as all hell. Finally Bass got pissed and ended it. Not nearly early enough for me though. 2-4

Winner: Bass retains with running powerslam.


Paul Jones/ Frank Monte v Roddy Piper/Ole Anderson

Rod has to play the pipes before we begin. Cheap but effective. Neat, Babyface Paul Jones, said no one ever. Monte out here looking like Bob Ross discovered the gas. These are not the wrestlers I would put out there as the fan favorites in any situation but I guess it worked. Actually a pretty good match and way more competitive than I thought it would be. 3-5

Winner: Jones and Monte by DQ. It erupted into a brawl and Ole pushed referee Tommy Young.

  • Steamboat and please cheer my ass Ron Bass made the save.


  • Ron and Steamer are pissed. Ron just says it better. Ricky was never a great talker even on his best days.


Overall Thoughts: Not a bad show. We keep establishing Piper and Ole as huge dicks and Ron Bass as a good dude. Plus Slaughter is kind of awesome. I guess we will stay in 1981 a bit longer.


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