January 22, 1998

Getting back in the swing of things.

Huntsville, Alabama

Commentary: Tony Schiavone, Lee Marshall and The Brain

Konnan (w/Vincent) v Scott Steiner (w/Ted Dibiase)

It’s shocking that Scott would join the nWo considering he was acting like a complete prick while being dressed in black and white for this match. Konnan sold his ass off, no doubt out of self preservation but it still sucked. 0-1

Winner: Scott got the DQ win after Vicious and Delicious interfered.

Rick and Ray Traylor made the save but Scott only cared about a pose down with Buff.

Big Sexy come to the ring with a mic. He promises that the Giant will snap and lose the 1.5 million dollars he put up for a match at Souled Out. I guess they just needed to fill time.

Chavo Guerrero Jr /Super Calo v Silver King/ La Parka

Tenay joins us but we can’t hear him. Raven also comes through the crowd in this one. Thus robbing the crowd of these dudes missing spots. This was not a great lucha match. 0-2

Winners: Calo and Chavo get the win off a shitty top rope head scissors from Calo.

La Parka does chair shit after the match before Juvy and Lizmark Jr make the save. Then Psicosis and El Dandy arrive to make this a pier 6. Dives happen.

Earlier Rick Martel was attacked by the Flock. Riveting.

WCW shills the website and Boston Brawl Pay Per Listen event. Genius.

Marty Jannety v Dean Malenko

Pretty solid contest between two guys that could obviously go when motivated. Marty looked like he was working to keep a job in this one. I liked it. 1-3

Winner: Dean gets the dub with the Cloverleaf.

WCW Saturday Night commercial.

Kendell Windham v Goldberg

I’m a sucker for a guy dying. Sue me. 2-4

Winner: Really?

Scott Hall arrives. Survey time. One more for the good guys. Louie Spicolli arrives with Larry Zbysko’s golf clubs. Larry shows up because no one screws with his golf game. Larry chokes out Louie and avoids the nWo beat down.

Cruiserweight Championship: Eddie Guerrero v (C) Rey Mysterio Jr.

Not a bad match, just really short and didn’t have a satisfying ending in any way shape or form. Still gets a point cause I love them. 3-5

Winner: Rey retains after Jericho interfered.

After the match Jericho and Eddie start to get into it but Benoit arrives to set up…

Chris Benoit v Chris Jericho

Boy Raven looks high as FUCK in the crowd. Brother could barely keep his eyes open. This was about as good a match as you could ask for between a child killer and a Trump supporter. Best match of the show until the ending. 4-6

Winner: Benoit gets the win when Jericho IMMEDIATELY taps to the Crossface.

Benoit tries to lure Raven in and then turns his back like an idiot and catches a beating. What a moron.

Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff arrive. They waste more time. Hogan wants the belt back. I know. I’m as shocked as you.

Recap of Saturn/Martel/Booker situation.

Saturn v Rick Martel

Pretty solid match. I don’t know why Rick came back at this point and I don’t care. The dude was putting out some great work at the time and this one was no different. 5-7

Winner: Martel with the Quebec Crab.

Scott Hall v The Giant

This was an nWo main event. Short version? It sucked. 5-8

Winner: Giant via DQ.

After the match the Giant destroyed the ring instead of Nash. It probably looked more impressive on paper.

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Overall Thoughts: 5-8 Not a terrible show but man the nWo is one of those things that has not aged particularly well as a concept over time. Still, not terrible.

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