Change isn’t a bad thing. But it IS inevitable.

So once again a change has arrived.

On July 11, 2020 at the very first PawCade event, this website joined with our friends at Paradigm Pro Wrestling to create the Championship Chain.

Since that date 7 different men have officially held the Championship. It has been defended in many different promotions and has become a staple in the Midwest wrestling community.

But it’s time for a change. When this Championship was created Paradigm was looking for another title in the company that the multitude of amazing athletes they had could compete over. Now the company has several championships and several amazing champions for these people to chase.

So now the Chain will have a new home promotion.

Starting now the Championship will be based out of Indianapolis for our good friends with Naptown All Pro.

Now this doesn’t end a partnership with Paradigm or anything else in the like.

It simply means that a newer company now has an established Championship that those fine athletes can compete for and continue the great tradition of matches the Chain has brought to us.

But with a new home comes some slight changes.

Chad French is added as an advisor to the NAP Board of Directors with specific authority over the Midwest Territory Chain.

The chain has traditionally been defended in fast-paced 1 on 1 matches and NAP looks to enforce that history as law. So. As to enforce and celebrate the quick faster paced action of Midwest Wrestling there will now be an EIGHT minute time limit to matches for the Chain. So if you wanna be the Keeper of the Chain you better want it.

8-minutes was the decided on time because the average NAP match is 9 minutes 29 seconds. So we want to make sure that those who hold the title can use their quick wits, power, and technique to be champion.

Also the 8 minute match will be enforced unless otherwise noted in situations like a multi-person match.

Our new Champion Jeffrey John will be defending at NAP and wherever else people want the smoke. NAP looks to have people who hold such titles defend them all across the midwest and across the country as a representative of the best of Midwest Wrestling.

We feel that this is a great change that will not only benefit NAP but the Midwest as a hole.

Thanks for reading.

Chad French
MWT Founder