I’ve been considering doing one of these for a couple of years and unfortunately it was a tragedy that led me to make this a reality.

I hate having to do this.

Lee Carter (Lee G) was a beloved member of the team here at MWT since almost the beginning.

He was there for the first PawCade. He wrote articles that are still looked at daily on this site.

He loved life.

He strived to make everything he participated in seem important and make everyone believe and be as hyped about it as he was.

He was a good person, father and friend to all that knew him.

Tragically he was lost to us to soon but I feel it’s only appropriate that my friend be honored for his contributions not only to this website but to humanity as a whole.

My friends. The second ever MWT Hall of Fame member is the late Lee Carter.

Sean was special.

Not just as an official, of which he was one of the best.

But as a human being.

Sean was one of those people that had the ability to make everyone who knew him feel like they were the most important thing in the world to him. If only for a few seconds.

Sean was an amazing person, father, friend and whatever else you can use to describe a human being.

Words can’t describe how much he will be missed by many.

This is a small thing but Sean deserves every honor that we can bestow on someone, because it was an honor to know him.

We loved him and he is the very first inductee into our Hall of Fame.

Sean Patrick O’Brien.