April 15 is my last go around.

Folks we are doing our level best to make this year not only the best show but the biggest donation yet.

I’m not doing this for an ego boost or to make myself look good. I’m doing it to help out the Salem, Indiana Animal Shelter. They receive ZERO public funding and my family and myself hate to see any animal suffering.

But if you know me you know I’ve had some health issues over the last couple of years so the money doesn’t flow from our house as much as it trickles.

So. If you want to help sponsor a wrestler, commentary person, ring announcer, ref or anyone else on the card please email me at mwterritory@gmail.com Because we can use ALL the help we can get. Here is the card you will be sponsoring. And remember, we are doing this show for creatures that can’t help themselves.

Thanks for your time.

Tickets (which CAN BE DONATED to folks that can’t afford tickets themselves) available at tinyurl.com/pawcadefc