It’s history began at PawCade 1 and continues through tomorrow and beyond.

When Paradigm Pro Wrestling approached me about naming a new Championship after this website I could not have been more honored.

Yes, we have promoted tons of shows and companies in this area but to be honored with something like The Chain is something I never saw coming.

But on July 11, 2020 the Championship became a reality in an amazing ladder match that crowned Chase Holliday as our first champ and almost ended Lord Crewe.

Chase Holliday

Chase would go on to be the longest reigning champ we ever had and defended the Chain in multiple companies making it a sought after trophy amongst the Midwest and beyond.

There was a time during the initial No Hook season where we had a couple of interim Champions (not officially recognized but still talented folks) that showed the Chain was an important part of the Paradigm product and in the fabric of the Midwest.

Ken Broadway
Jody Himself

The talent that has held the chain has been second to none and with Joseph Alexander as the current division kingpin the future looks bright.


I just want to thank every single person that has held, fought for or even mentioned the Chain in a promo. All of you have made it more legitimate and sought after every week.

Yoya v Freddie Hudson at Unsanctioned Pro
The Hornet
MLW STAR Calvin Tankman
Winner of the 2022 Doug French Memorial Canine Cup The HoodFoot

Since I mentioned the beginning of the Chain happening at the first PawCade it would be ridiculous to not mention the fact that the LAST PawCade will have another huge multi-person match for the Chain on April 15.

Hopefully the Chain will continue be in good hands following that event but in wrestling the only thing that’s for sure is that NOTHING is for sure.

PawCade 3 Doug French Memorial Canine Cup competitors and officials.

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