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Philadelphia, PA

Commentary: Cole and Graves

Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match: Sheamus/Butch/Ridge Holland v Gunther/Imperium

Hell of a fight in the opener. Also a nice continuation of the Sheamus/Gunther feud with no one looking weak in the process. Can’t argue with this one. 1-1

Winners: The Brutes after beating not Gunther to death.

Miz arrives to deal with a hockey mascot all night.

Smackdown Women’s Championship/Extreme Rules match:(C) Liv Morgan v Ronda Rousey

This was what it was. Liv has lost all momentum since winning the title and Ronda hasn’t been the same since the people decided they hated her. I had ok expectations for this and they turned it around towards the end, just not enough for a point. 1-2

Winner: Ronda made Liv pass out with a move that looked like shit.

Strap match: Drew McIntrye v Karrion Kross (w/Scarlett)

Kross feels more like a star with HHH in charge. The match itself was pretty hard hitting but a little slow in spots. Entertaining enough for what it was though. Even if it does suck to be Drew right now. 2-3

Winner: Kross after the old Greco Roman pepper spray to the eyes.

Miz is still dealing with hijinks.

RAW Women’s Championship/ladder match: Bianca Belair v Bayley

The chemistry was just not there and this kinda disappointed me because I like them both. A whole lot of setting up ladders and Bayley looked like an idiot on the finish. Nope. 2-4

Winner: Bianca retains after a KOD while Bayley held a ladder for no logical reason.

I Quit match: Edge v Finn Balor

Another bummer. They walked around for 20 minutes like an Attitude Era main event with none of the excitement. No one even seemed to give a crap until the parade of interference started. End this feud now. 2-5

Winner: Edge says I quit after Judgement Day threatened Beth. Then Rhea killed her anyway.

Miz finally decided to beat up the mascot but his stalker Dexter arrives to save the day for dudes in weird costumes everywhere.

Fight Pit match/Daniel Cormier special referee: Seth Rollins v Matt Riddle

Another one where my expectations way outperformed what they could possibly do in the ring. It was what it was and what it was was just eh. Riddle needed it though so there is that. Still. 2-6

Winner: Riddle wins via tap.

And that is all folks! Wait…

A really creepy bunch of characters are shown in the audience leading to an abandoned Firefly Funhouse.

After all that Bray Wyatt finally returns with the lantern and a new mask that he removes before telling us to run.

Final Tally? 2-6. A major letdown for me because I thought this show looked awesome on paper but it ended up underperforming in a big way. Well, at least the Peacock app is cheap.

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