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The returning…Benjamin Shearin: I’m a local wrestling personality. You can follow me on Twitter/Instagram at @BenShearinBrand.

Introducing…Tripping Balls: I like bitching about wrestling on the Twitter machine. @IsThisWrestling.

Introducing…Pro wrestling’s BFF Nick Maniwa: Papa Maniwa if ya nasty. Indie wrestling commentator of 9 years. @nickmaniwa on all social media. My birthday is Saturday – $nickmaniwa 😉

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Chad French: MWT founder, Dad and stroke survivor.

Well now that the introductions are done let’s jump right back in…

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship: Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns

Ben: In the grand scheme of things, I don’t see Roman dropping the titles until Mania to Cody once he comes back. It’ll be a good one, but Roman retains. 

Balls: Reigns wins, presumably after Kross shenanigans. This run isn’t ending anytime soon, especially at such a random show as this.

Nick: I don’t see Roman losing the titles. If it was for one title, I could see it. I feel like if Drew doesn’t win, it could be bad for business though. Roman retains.

Mac: This is a tough one. This whole show has been marketed as Drew’s show, but I don’t see Roman’s Reign ending anytime soon. This is a coin flip but if I had to pick…Roman Reigns.

Lee: Roman Reigns – look, I hate the guy. But his reign as Champion has been as impressive as any I’ve seen in the last 20 years. He’s running out of matches though.

Chad: I was half tempted to pick Drew just to be the wildcard but even I’m not that crazy. So I’ll just acknowledge my tribal chief. 

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Liv Morgan vs. Shayna Baszler

Ben: They seem to be telling a story of Liv managing to slide out of the matches that she’s clearly overmatched in. That continues here. Liv Morgan slides past Shayna Baszler. 

Balls: Liv wins, hopefully in a decisive fashion. Shayna has been totally squandered on the main roster, and at 42 years old, I can’t see that changing much for the better. This feels like a buffer in between Ronda inevitably regaining the belt.

Nick: Liv is dead in the water. Give the belt to Shayna.

Mac: This is also one where things get tricky. On one hand, you have the Underdog Liv Morgan. While she does have her fans, she also has her detractors. And we all know Shayna is due for a dominant run. With Triple H at the helm now, I could see it going to… Shayna Baszler.

Lee: Liv Morgan – Gotta go with Liv on this one. Shayna is gonna hold that championship for a while once she gets it. Just not right now. 

Chad: This would be the best chance for Shayna to be champ in a long time but I think Liv retains here.

Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss and Asuka vs. Bayley, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai

Ben: I’ll take Bailey, Dakota, and Io here, especially after they were cost the Women’s tag titles Monday. 

Balls: After coming up short in the tag title tournament, there’s no good reason for Bayley, Sky, and Kai to lose. So, for that reason, because it’s the WWE women’s division, I gotta pick Bianca/Alexa/Asuka to win.

Nick: The heels just lost in the title finals due to interference from the faces, so heels get the win here. Bayley, Sky & Kai.

Mac: This is an easy pick. While I don’t see Bianca taking the fall, “Damage Control” “Control” or whatever they’re calling themselves at some point, will be taking the W on this one. Alexa and Asuka can afford the loss and it would be quite silly for the new group to lose outside of dusty finishes…Bayley, Sky, and Kai.

Lee: Bianca & Alexa & Asuka – can we fantasy book the 6 Women’s Tag Team Titles for this match!?!? Because if anyone should wear those belts it’s these 3. Good god I love watching Asuka go! 

Chad: No way the heels drop this one after Monday. Bayley and company will take this one.

Riddle vs. Seth Rollins

Ben: This one is a toss up to me. I’ll go with Seth Rollins, just because I don’t see what everyone else sees in Riddle. 

Balls: Rollins wins after Riddle can’t contain his emotions over what Seth said about his family that he no longer has, cause his wife divorced him and took the kids and they don’t wanna see his bitch ass any more.

Nick: Rollins been talking too much shit. Riddle wins this one.

Mac: This has the chance to steal the show. I don’t see this feud going any further than what they’re taking it. I hope to god they beat the ever loving shit out of each other because goddamn, this will be good…Matt Riddle.

Lee: I don’t think we get a clean finish out of this match. It’s much too good to wrap up right now. Seth gives everyone their best match and Riddle is on fire and getting hotter and hotter. Coin toss this match doesn’t get a 1-2-3. 

Chad: I think Rollins takes this one to set up a gimmick match next month.

Intercontinental Championship: Sheamus vs. Gunther

Ben: This one will be an absolute hard hitting match. Too early for Gunther to take the L here. Gunther wins, but he’s gonna earn it. 

Balls: This match alone sells the whole show. Ol’ Gunty is on a roll and is still a super fresh face, so I pick him to take the win after turning Sheamus’ chest a dark shade of purple.

Nick: This is gonna be an ASS BEATER. Sheamus wins to complete his triple crown.

Mac: Another one that will have the chance to steal the show. Two big dudes just beating each other’s chests in? Inject that shit into my fucking veins…Gunther.

Lee: Gunther – I don’t need to see Sheamus with the IC. It’s lateral movement. 

Chad: Gunther is keeping this for a while probably. Sheamus is as made as anyone ever and doesn’t need it.

Edge, Rey Mysterio vs. The Judgement Day

Ben: The Judgement Day gets a much needed win here, but it comes with Dominik turning on his dad, finally.

Balls: I really couldn’t possibly care less about this whole Judgment Day stable or what the ending to this story is, but I’m assuming it’ll keep dragging on for a few more months, so I guess Judgment Day takes the win.

Nick: Feel like this opens and the baby faces win.

Mac: I think the outcome here is as clear as my asshole is fucked. Rey is gonna get punked out by his son and Dominick is going to join the Judgement Day. I’m very excited to see how this pans out. Overall, it should be a very fun match…Judgement Day.

Lee:Edge & Rey – gotta give the kids and chicks something to cheer about. Should be a fun spot-fest.

Chad: Judgement Day needs this more than the two hall of Fame guys. I smell shenanigans coming in the finish.

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