This was indeed a show that happened.


Las Vegas, NV

Commentary: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, Michael Cole and Pat McAfee

Money in the Bank:  Becky Lynch v Asuka v Liv Morgan v Raquel Rodriguez v Lacey Evans v Shotzi v Alexa Bliss

This was a trainwreck in the bad way. Missed spots and just overall sloppy work all over the place. I love her but Shotzi was particularly bad. Just an off night. 0-1

Winner: Liv Morgan finally won something of substance.

US Championship: (C) Theory v Bobby Lashley

This was very vanilla and I lay that blame squarely on the shoulders of Theory. The kid needs some more developmental in the worst possible way. Lashley didn’t exactly kill it either but at least he’s not boring and or an *alleged* pervert. 0-2

Winner: Lashley is a champion once again after slapping on the Hurt Lock.

Liv Morgan is happy.

RAW Women’s Championship: (C) Bianca Belair v Carmella

The best women’s match of the night. Bianca continues to improve and Carmella is steady enough now to hold her own in there. Not spectacular but definitely a solid watch. 1-3

Winner: Bianca retains with the KOD. Carmella attacks afterwards because we don’t get new matches.

Get a WWE Credit Card or something.

Tag Team Championships: (C) The Usos v The Street Profits

Hell of a match. It was a tad bit on the long side but still held my attention. Not sure why they are trying to split up the Profits but I’m not a billionaire. They need more teams in this division, ESPECIALLY if the Usos are going to beat everyone twenty times. 2-4

Winner: The champs retain following the 1D.

Smackdown Women’s Championship:  (C) Ronda Rousey v Natalya

It was definitely a Natalya match. Too long and not something I would want to watch again. Ronda had seemingly lost all the zing off her fastball. 2-5

Winner: The champ retains with an armbar.

But wait!

Smackdown Women’s Championship: (C) Ronda Rousey v Liv Morgan.

A good moment for Liv and the fans but not really a match I can judge.

Winner: Liv Morgan pins Rousey and wins the big one twice in one night.

Money in the Bank:  Riddle v Seth Rollins v Omos v Madcap Moss v Sami Zayn v Sheamus v Drew McIntyre v Theory

This was fine. Considering some of the talent involved I guess it could have been worse. Omos is bad, Theory’s one talent is resembling John Cena and Moss just isn’t ready for this spot. Still it was fine for a one time watch I guess. 3-6

Winner: Theory because we can’t have nice things.

Final Tally? 3-6 This was about as average as a show could get. I literally will not remember it next week. At all.

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