Cody earned his pay.


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Commentary: Mostly the Raw guys with Cole as a guest.

RAW Women’s Championship: (C) Bianca Belair v Becky Lynch v Asuka

Hell of an opener with all three competitors working their asses off. Neither Becky nor Asuka are hurt by the loss and Bianca adds another notch in her belt. Starting with this was a great decision. 1-1

Winner: Bianca stole the pin from Becky to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Cedric tries to get back in the good graces of MVP but gets cutoff by the big man.

Omos/MVP v Bobby Lashley

I liked the Mania match better. Omos is still heavily a work in progress and MVP is not good enough at this stage in his career to carry his own weight either. Bobby rules but he ain’t magic. 1-2

Winner: Bob gets the pin after some distraction from Cedric.

Kevin Owens v Ezekiel

I love KO as much as the next man but much like Lashley he was asked to do too much here. Ezekiel just doesn’t have it right now. The time off has not improved his in ring work one iota and it’s disappointing. 1-3

Winner: Owens got the dominant win after a Stunner. Thank God for that.

Edge/Rhea Ripley/Damien Priest v AJ Styles/Liv Morgan/Finn Balor

This was a fun little match. They didn’t get lazy and kept the pace going nicely. It didn’t do much for the babyfaces but I know the new heel faction needs some wins. Rhea is killing it in this new role though and I’m sure she earned Peacock some more views with that replacement gear she had on. Good enough. 2-4

Winner: The Judgement Day got the pin after some Rhea shenanigans and a spear. Poor AJ was bleeding in the floor during all that.

Lashley is proud of Cedric but tells him to stay out of his business.

No Holds Barred:  Happy Corbin v Madcap Moss

I was surprised and impressed with this. Moss is really coming into his own in this role and Corbin has been unappreciated for a while. The crowd dug this and so did I . Good times. 3-5

Winner: Moss got the win via attempted murder.

US Championship: (C) Theory v Mustafa Ali

This was on me. I thought this was going to be the time where WWE wasn’t going to be a complete bitch to their employees and fans. But. I should have known better. The second Ali showed up to that pop I should have taken the hit. The match was fine but fuck the wrong guy won and is getting a push regardless of how much of a scumbag he has been off screen. Nope. 3-6

Winner: Theory with his shitty finish.

Hell in a Cell:  Seth Rollins v Cody Rhodes

Even if Cody WASN’T hurt then this match would have been considered great. The fact that his arm was held together by prayer and bubble gum and they put together this? Both guys need raises now. Seth is a miracle worker and Cody is a tough mother fucker. God bless them both and I would give this two points if I could. Hell, Seth almost got a point just for the Dusty gear. 4-7

Winner: Cody survived in what had to be the most painful match of his life.

Final Tally? 4-7 I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. The opener and main events were both great and I was even surprised by a couple of the midcard matches. Not too shabby.

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