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Commentary: Cole and the Gang

So we begin at the beginning…or whatever.

Night One

Smackdown Tag Team Championships:  (C)The Usos v Shinsuke Nakamura/Rick Boogz

This was alright but definitely felt like a time killing TV match. The Usos seem unbeatable against thrown together teams and Boogz injury definitely didn’t help that problem. No go. 0-1

Winner: The Usos retain with 1D.

Happy Corbin (w/Madcap Moss) v Drew McIntyre

Same story as the last match. Just seemed like an excuse to get these dudes on the card even with the poorly built storyline. Also Drew attempting murder after the match was a bit much. 0-2

Winner: Drew following a Claymore.

Rey/Dominik Mysterio v The Miz/Logan Paul

Logan Paul exceeded my expectations immensely and that turned this into the first legitimately fun match to watch on night one. I’m assuming we get Paul and Miz one on one after the turn which will only be another feather in the cap of Miz. 1-3

Winner: Miz and Paul following a SCF on Rey.

Steph brings out Gable Steveson. I guess the show wasn’t long enough.

RAW Women’s Championship: (C) Becky Lynch v Bianca Belair

Match of the night to this point and EASILY the best women’s match of the entire weekend. There were a couple of spots that got a little sloppy but it actually helped the realism of the match more. Really good stuff here and hopefully Bianca gets a longer run this time. 2-4

Winner: New champ after the KOD.

Seth Rollins v Cody Rhodes

Another good one. Cody wanted to prove himself right out of the gate and WWE gave him a great opponent to get it done with. Maybe a shade too long but nothing overly bad for me to complain about. 3-5

Winner: Cody with the Cross Rhodes.

The attendance is announced for the internet to bitch about. Nerds.

Smackdown Women’s Championship: (C) Charlotte Flair v Ronda Rousey

What a shit show. Ronda seemed unmotivated at best and Charlotte wasn’t so hot herself. This was a major disappointment to say the very least. They are both better than this but sure didn’t look like it here. 3-6

Winner: Charlotte retained with a big boot.

The KO show with Stone Cold turns into a challenge for a match from Owens.

Kevin Owens v Steve Austin

This was what it was. I wasn’t expecting a five star classic but I got exactly what I did expect. A fun brawl with Steve playing the hits and Owens having the time of his life. A great way to send the fans home happy. 4-7

Winner: Stone Cold with the stunner.

Final Tally? 4-7 The second half of the show was really fun outside of the Smackdown women. Not a perfect event by any means but there was enough good stuff to give this a thumbs up.

Night two!

HHH makes his big entrance, soaks up the cheers and leaves his boots in the ring. I’m glad he got the opportunity to do this.

RAW Tag Team Championships: (C) RK-Bro v Street Profits v Alpha Academy

This was not too shabby. Definitely a big upgrade from the previous night’s tag title match. Man, does that crowd love them some Randy Orton. I’ll take it. 1-1

Winners: The champs retain with an RKO.

After the match the good guys try to celebrate with Steveson but Chad interrupts and gets killed.

Omos v Bobby Lashley

Well. This sucked and Omos tried to kill Lashley. At least Bobby was over. 1-2

Winner: Lashley after a couple of spears.

No Holds Barred/Sami Zayn v Johnny Knoxville

This was way more fun that it had any right to be. Both guys did their jobs exceptionally well and the crowd loved it. Was it a GOOD match? Who cares. It was fun. 2-3

Winner: Knoxville via giant mousetrap.

Women’s Tag Team Championships:  (C) Carmella/Zelina Vega v Sasha Banks/ Naomi v Liv Morgan/Rhea Ripley v Natalya/Shayna Baszler

Not technically great or anything but they kept it moving pretty well. Plus Sasha finally got a WrestleMania victory and that was fun to see. I’ll take it. 3-4

Winners: Sasha and Naomi after a double team deal.

AJ Styles v Edge

Edge’s entrance was the best part of this match. Too long and slow for me sadly. A major disappointment. Technically it was FINE but it could have been great. 3-5

Winner: Edge via a spear and distraction from Damian Priest.

More attendance stuff.

The New Day v Sheamus/Ridge Holland (w/Butch)

Barely a match. These guys deserved better. 3-6

Winners: The bad guys after a Brogue and a slam.

Pat McAfee v Austin Theory

Another one that was way better than I expected. The crowd was MOLTEN for Pat and that didn’t hurt anything. Definitely good enough for a point. 4-7

Winner: Pat via roll-up.

After the match Vince gets upset and it leads to…

Pat McAfee v Vince McMahon

No point to it and everyone looked worse. 4-8

Winner: The Grandpa via who cares.

Austin arrives to drink beer and handout stunners again. The one Vince took was so bad it defys words.

Unification match:  WWE Champion Brock Lesnar v Universal Champion Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman)

I know people are sick of this match for whatever reason but they always seem to deliver. Roman once again looks like a world beater and Brock isn’t hurt by the loss. Ill take it. 5-9

Winner: Roman with the spear.

Final Tally? 5-9 Both nights had their highs and lows but overall it was a way easier watch than I imagined going in.

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