A great benefit show is hitting Madison, Indiana.

Help Kaylee with her cheerleading! All the info is on the poster.

Here is what is advertised as of today.

“Broken Star” Eric Draven
Roger Malcom

“The Dream Machine” Van Martigan
“The Black Unicorn” Loki Havik

Fans pick the Stipulation
“Showtime” Apollo Garvin
“The Misfit” Billy Mattern
Stipulation options
A.)Bull-Rope Match
B.)Loser Eats Dogfood
C.)Hardcore Match

Supreme Championship match
“Mr. By The Book” Gaston LaRue
“Big D” Daniel Luck

Also in action:
Bailey McRoberts, Omega The PitBull, Robert Ketchum, Mitch Malik, Michael Reed, Richard Sharkey, Team No Respect, The Beach Bods, Chuck McRoberts and more!

*Card subject to change.

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