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Sat, Feb 5th, 2022
Tindley Summit Academy, Eastside Indianapolis

NAP presents a day of pro wrestling in efforts to combat gun violence on Indy youth

☀️ Wake Up
ft. outreach & vendor fair

🌙 Blackout

For the first show they have a new match concept…

The Triangle Contingency is a new wrestling challenge concept created by NAP officials to push wrestlers on the cusp of a breakout to the next level, mind, body, and heart.

9 Wrestlers
from across the country

3 Triple Threats
during the morning show, Wake Up. No time limit. No disqualification. Anyway you wanna try and win you can

1 Trios Team
comprised of the winners of the three triple threats to face a special challenge 6-person tag in the evening show, Blackout

How hard a wrestler goes in their first match in the afternoon determines how exhausted they may or may not be as a part of a team in the night show. Who will reign supreme?

On top of that they have several other contests worth the price of admission…

Also remember you can purchase tickets online for Indianapolis youths that may not be able to afford it on their own.

Then they have another show a few hours later that will get a bit wilder.

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