Bring WrestleMania back to Indianapolis.


Indianapolis, IN

Commentary: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

Reba McEntire sings the national anthem like a single mom who works too hard loves her kids and never stops. Brain thinks she’s Tito’s sister Arriba McEntire.

Shawn Michaels (w/Sensational Sherri) v Tito Santana

Shawn bumped his ass off when Tito gave him a chance. Sadly that didn’t happen all that much from the side headlock position on the mat. Brain was extra racist in this on the mic as well. Welp. 0-1

Winner: Shawn after grabbing the ropes on a body slam.

Mean Gene is with the LOD and Paul Ellering. They say the normal wild LOD shit and are over as hell. Too bad the puppet was coming soon. This probably could have been handled on Superstars honestly.

Sean Mooney was with Jake earlier. We recap Jake attacking on the Funeral Parlor. Evil Jake was awesome.

Jake Roberts v Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer)

When Jake was in control it was watchable but when the Undertaker was in command it was boring as hell. The DDT was killed as a finisher with Taker sitting up from two straight. Undertaker started the streak 2-0 but caused this show to start 0-2.

Winner: Undertaker gets the pin after a Tombstone on the floor and sent Jake to WCW.

Mean Gene is with Piper and Bret. They have a fun little interview which leads well into the match.

Intercontinental Championship: (C)Roddy Piper v Bret Hart

This was a classic. Probably the best match Piper ever had on pay per view and yet another reason why Bret is as respected as he is. Great match, story and performance from both guys. Couldn’t be more positive about this one. 1-3

Winner: Bret regains the title via pinfall after Piper doesn’t release the sleeper.

Piper shows a ton of respect to Bret by strapping the belt on him himself.

Brain introduces us to new WBF signee Lex Luger. He was HUGE and definitely on Ico Pro. This was too long to say the least.

The Mountie, Nasties and Repo Man talk some smack.

Meanwhile their mismatched opponents respond with whatever.

Former Family Feud host Ray Combs does the intros. He tends to favor the babyfaces obviously.

Big Bossman/Sgt. Slaughter/Virgil/Hacksaw Duggan v Mountie/The Nasty Boys/Repo Man (w/Jimmy Hart)

Poor Sarge went from the main event of the previous year to the “get the boys a payday” spot this year. I’m as shocked as you are that I thought this was kinda fun. They kept it moving and other than Virgil being the dirt worst everyone did alright. 2-4

Winners: The babyfaces got the win after Virgil pinned Knobs after some Nasty miscommunication.

Mooney is with Flair and Perfect. They have the poster of Liz that they are putting up on the big screen. Flair was such a scumbag.

Gene is outside the Macho Man’s dressing room. Randy ain’t talking.

WWE Championship: (C) Ric Flair (w/Mr. Perfect) v Randy Savage

Another hell of a match here. Savage was over as hell and Flair was in all his glory playing the piece of crap womanizer. Even now I kept getting pissed at Mr. Perfect interfering so everyone was on top of their game. Probably the second best match of the show. 3-5

Winner: Macho regains the title with a pull of the tights.

Flair kisses Liz after the match and all hell breaks loose. Brain is so upset he leaves the booth. Macho gets to celebrate with Liz though and that’s enough for me.

Mooney is with the Flair camp and they are next level pissed. Poor Brain is having a heart attack.

Gene is with Randy and Liz. He is still fired up. Savage wants some more and he wants it now.

We recap the number one contender press conference and the issue between Hogan and Sid. Sid was definitely robbed. But he got to destroy the Barber Shop so it wasn’t all bad.

We get a Native American dance while Mooney interviews the Model. He works in a racist joke because 1992 was terrible.

Rick Martel v Tatanka

Well. The best part of the match was Brain losing his mind about Flair on commentary. Other than that I was bored as hell. 3-6

Winner: Tatanka following a crossbody.

Mooney is with Money Inc. They say the usual.

Gene is with the Natural Disasters. They are mad at Jimmy.

Tag Team Championships: (C) Money Inc. (w/Jimmy Hart) v The Natural Disasters

Speaking of boredom. To say that these two teams didn’t have chemistry is an understatement. It was hard to make be believe that the Disasters were in any danger as babyfaces. Plus Money Inc didn’t exactly set the world on fire with exciting offense in the best of times. 3-7

Winners: The Disasters via count out after the champs took a walk.

Gene is with The Barber. It is a terrible promo. Like bad. Maybe it was the mullet that threw me off.

Owen Hart v Skinner

Skinner spits in Owens face to start. Gross. Barely a match. 3-8

Winner: Owen with a roll-up in no time.

Gene is with Sid and Harvey. Sid is going to end Hulkamania or whatever. They then show the interview with Hulk and Vince. The retirement question is dodged.

Hulk Hogan v Sid Justice (Harvey Whippleman)

Sid looked like a million bucks. Unfortunately he wrestled like ten. I’ve seen both these guys have watchable to good matches just not with one another. Terrible main event. Especially when you take the urgency of the time away. 3-9

Winner: Hogan via Harvey interference.

Papa Shango arrives to attack but the Ultimate Warrior returns from exile to save Hogan. They run off the heels and celebrate to end the show.

Final Tally? 3-9 The standout stuff on this show really stands out. Unfortunately that is because the stuff around it was either crappy or boring.

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