Another month.

Exactly 2 months ago I was flown via helicopter to a hospital with a stroke. Luckily I was there early enough to save my life. Thanks to my wife noticing a problem. It could have been worse than it is and I’m thankful to be as good as I am.

I’ve got to be honest. I haven’t been as good as I’ve pretended to be. When asked I usually say I’m fine. I’m not really. I’m exhausted all the time, my head hurts, I can’t really do anything yet and if I feel a twitch in my face at all I panic. Because it could happen again.

I appreciate everyone that has checked in on me or donated anything to my medical fund. It means more than you know. But I am far from out of the woods yet. There is talk of a benefit show for me and I hope it happens. If not I understand. Everyone has problems. But if you can do me a favor.

Please RT or share this. Maybe tag someone with a bunch of followers. The more people know then the more help I might get. Hopefully I’ll be better and cleared to do something next month. Until then there is the Go Fund Me, a link to some merch on every single website article and my PayPal is chadsanidiot 

Thanks for reading and sharing if you can. I love you all.

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