Last week at this time I had posted about taking a bit of time off for some surgery.

That didn’t happen.

Instead I was flown via helicopter to a hospital where they administered emergency drugs to help with a stroke.

I was terrified. But I am lucky. I can walk. I can speak. And even though half of my face is still messed up and my thoughts and vision are sometimes fuzzy I am incredibly grateful.

Not just for being alive but for the love everyone has shown not only to me but to my family.

I went home a lucky man Sunday night. Hours later my Dad entered the hospital and was gone the next morning.

It has been trying. But know that your well wishes, donations and prayers have kept me going through all of this.

I’m not sure how long it will take me to get back to where I was.

It might never happen.


I’m going to fight to come back and be the best me I can now.

I want to call wrestling again.

I want to write again.

I will.

But once again thank you all

I love you.

If you want to donate to help out with all these bills it would be great. If not then thanks for reading anyway.

Again. Thank you.