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Las Vegas, Nevada

Commentary: Cole and the Gang

RAW Tag Team Championships: (C) AJ Styles/Omos v RKBro

Not a bad opener. Orton is super over with everything he does which certainly didn’t hurt anything. AJ is obviously great and everyone worked hard to help make the big man look great. Hard to argue with this. 1-1

Winner: New Champs after an RKO on AJ.

Eva Marie (w/Doudrop) v Alexa Bliss

No matter what they are pretending right now Alexa is not magic and no way could she drag a good match out of Eva. Waste of time. 1-2

Winner: Alexa following a DDT.

Doudrop mocks Eva following the loss. Cool.

Slater from Saved By The Bell interviews the new Tag Champs. Apparently Riddle has a surprise for Randy soon.

US Championship: (C) Sheamus v Damian Priest

Good little “big dudes hitting each other hard” match. Priest took a bad fall on a dive though and it definitely slowed him up a bit from then on. Luckily Sheamus continues to be an underappreciated great and was able to keep the pace necessary for Hoss fight goodness. 2-3

Winner: A new Champ is crowned after a Reckoning.

Smackdown Tag Team Championships: (C) The Usos v The Mysterios

It was FINE but I am so tired of seeing this combination of teams at this point I can’t give it a point. If I don’t want to see it it’s hard to like it. Shame. I like the Usos. 2-4

Winner: Champs retain after the big splash on Rey.

Tiffany Haddish talk to Damian Priest about his “National Championship”. Yep.

Nakamura and Boogs waste time dancing and playing guitar respectively.

They announce that Sasha can not compete tonight and Carmella is her replacement. But before that disappointing match can take place Becky Lynch makes her long awaited return. She then attacked Carmella and challenged Bianca for right then.

Smackdown Women’s Championship: (C) Bianca Belair v Becky Lynch

Not even a match. People are rightfully kind of pissed about it. I’m not going to count this either way. It was what it was.

Winner: Becky wins the title after a sucker punch and a Rock Bottom.

Another Saudi show is coming. Sigh.

We say hi to some gold medal winners because this show wasn’t long enough already.

Jinder Mahal v Drew McIntyre

You could never tell both these guys were former WWE Champions. They have been feuding for a while and this only gets like four minutes and treated like an afterthought. Sucks to be 3MB lately. 2-5

Winner: Drew with a Claymore.

RAW Women’s Championship:  (C)Nikki ASH v Charlotte Flair v Rhea Ripley

This was alright. The only real negative about it was the fact that the ending seemed to be predestined since Nikki won the strap. Still, they entertained me and that’s the point. 3-6

Winner: The Queen wins number 12 after tapping out Nikki with the Figure Eight.

Edge v Seth Rollins

This was getting a point the moment Edge had the Brood theme music and entrance. The match itself was really damn good. Edge has done nothing but deliver since he returned and Seth just quietly continues to be awesome without much fanfare. 4-7

Winner: Edge via tap out.

Money in the Bank will be in Vegas next year if the damn pandemic doesn’t continue to get worse.

Miz and Morrison come out to waste more time before Xavier Woods runs them off. This show was 4 hours.

WWE Championship:  Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) v Goldberg

Goldberg may be worse than Eva Marie at this point. The crowd let him know about it too. Complete garbage. Bobby deserves better. 4-8

Winner: Bobby retained after old Bill couldn’t continue.

After the match Bobby beat up the old guy and his dumb kid. The crowd was all about it. Same.

Universal Championship:  Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman) v John Cena

Considering the layoff for John this was way better than it had any right to be. Roman has a formula to getting a good match at this point and Cena fit in there like a glove. Not an all time classic but definitely a fine way to close out the show. 5-9

Winner: Our Tribal Chief retained with the usual.

Before the credits roll a jacked up Brock Lesnar with a new haircut arrives to have a staredown with the champ. I like this a lot.

Final Tally? 5-9 Not an all time classic or anything because there were some disappointments but it was mostly watchable and had fun moments. Let’s hope they figure out they fucked up the Bianca thing though.

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