A match made in Heaven and a match made in Hell.


New York, New York

Commentary: Gorilla, Piper and The Brain

Ricky Steamboat/Kerry Von Erich/Davey Boy Smith v Warlord/Power and Glory (w/Slick)

Steamboat was in full on Dragon mode for this. But beside him everyone else was in full steroid mode. The match itself was fine and the crowd was into it for sure. I didn’t hate it so I’ll give it a point. 1-1

Winners: Team Dragon after a crossbody on Roma.

Mooney is with Perfect and Coach. Decent promo from Curt.

Intercontinental Championship: Bret Hart v (C) Mr. Perfect (w/Coach)

Bret’s pink jacket is fire. You could tell Perfect was sore just WALKING down the aisle so I can’t imagine how he put on the classic which was to follow. Bret should send Curt’s family a monthly check for making him a star in the biggest way possible. This was deemed an instant classic for a reason. Both guys looked like stars here. Hell of a performance by both and obviously highly recommended. 2-2

Winner: Bret wins the belt by reversing a legdrop into the Sharpshooter.

Bret tears off Perfect’s singlet and receives massive cheers before hugging his parents with Lord Alfred bugging them the entire time.

Hulk Hogan “A Real American Story” is coming to Hot Ticket in October. I have no recollection of Hot Ticket.

Gene is with The Bushwhackers and Andre. They recap Earthquake taking him out. A promo of sorts happens.

The Natural Disasters (w/Jimmy Hart) v The Bushwhackers (w/Andre the Giant)

So. This happened. It would have been a rough match to sit through regardless, much less after following the previous contest. The high spot of this thing may have been Heenan walking out in the middle to confront Hogan in his locker room in the name of Flair. It…it was not so good. 2-3

Winners: The Disasters after an Earthquake on Luke.

The Disasters stalk Andre after the match but the LOD arrive to even the odds.

Brain shows up to Hogan’s dressing with Flair’s NWA/WCW Championship belt and challenges Hogan to a match. This was HUGE. Hogan was a coward and slammed the door though.

Macho Man is on the Hotline discussing his upcoming nuptials.

Mooney is with Dibiase and Sherri discussing the Million Dollar Championship match with Virgil coming up. Needed more Sherri.

Million Dollar Championship: (C) Ted Dibiase (w/Sherri) v Virgil

Virgil didn’t have a storied in ring career but if you put him in there with Dibiase he always managed to at least have a decent match. Well, I mean he did at least twice. The crowd was deep into this, Virgil did his job and Dibiase bumped around like a beach ball for him. Between the work and false finish with Sherri this was easily worth a point. 3-4

Winner: Virgil after ramming Dibiase’s head into an exposed buckle.

Gene is with the Mountie in front of a Paddy Wagon. We recap the Boss Man deal. Mountie talk mad shit to the Cops and in no way will that come back to bite him in the ass.

Mooney is with the Boss Man. He has a differing opinion surprisingly.

Jailhouse Match: The Mountie (w/Jimmy Hart) v The Big Boss Man

The Boss Man was on a roll at this point in his career. It was a little slow at spots but nothing that bored me or anything. The Mountie didn’t even do that bad here. Good times were had by all. 4-5

Winner: Boss Man after an Alabama Slam.

The cops arrive and they and Boss Man cuff Mountie and drag him to the Paddy Wagon. Mountie’s performance here is worth whatever pay he made that night. Dude was a blubbering mess.

Mean Gene is with Dibiase and Sherri. To say the least they are not happy.

Mooney is with Bret. He’s pretty happy about being Intercontinental Champion.

Gene is back and with the Disasters and Jimmy. Jimmy is bent out of shape about the Mountie. The Disasters are mad about LOD getting in their business.

Mooney is with Boss Man. He’s super hype about the Mountie spending the night in the slammer.

Gene is with Macho Man who is still on the phone. Macho is busy but gets less busy when Gene tries to go speak to Elizabeth.

They had a 5 minute intermission apparently. So here is a bunch of interviews.

The Mountie made it to jail. He is still not super pumped about his situation. The cops don’t seem to care much if he is a Mountie.

Mooney is with Jimmy and the Nasty Boys. Jimmy is still upset. The Nasties are more focused on the LOD and the tag title match coming up.

Mountie is earning his academy award and getting his photo taken.

Gene is with the LOD. They talk smack to both the Disasters and the Nasty Boys. No DQ and no count outs tonight. What a rush apparently.

The Mountie gives them the finger and they use it for prints.

The Triangle of Terror are with Mooney. It was a promo for sure.

Sid Justice is with Gene. He stands alone and will call it down the middle.  There is video of him talking to Slaughter and company but he denies wrongdoing. Justice will be served.

WWE Tag Team Championships/No DQ/No Count Out: (C) The Nasty Boys (w/Jimmy Hart) v The Legion of Doom

Pretty fun brawl that the crowd went nuts for. Both of these teams were always better when motivated and they definitely seemed so on this night. Poor Jimmy Hart is having a bad night though. 5-6

Winners: The LOD via the Doomsday Device to a MONSTER ovation.

The Mountie continues to have a bad night and tries to escape but failed and gets tossed in a cell.

Survivor Series is coming Thanksgiving Eve!

IRS is upset about people not paying their fair share of taxes.

IRS v Greg Valentine

Babyface Hammer was always weird to see. Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way. Both guys were talented but this was as boring as hell and a chore to sit through. Sloooooow. 5-7

Winner: IRS by reversing a Figure Four into a small package.

HOT TICKET! The Hulk Hogan deal again. October apparently.

Gene is with Hogan and Warrior. Cocaine was had by all. Warrior Wildness never did get over with anyone ever.

Match Made in Hell/Sid Justice Guest Referee: Sgt. Slaughter/Colonel Mustafa/General Adnan v Hulk Hogan/The Ultimate Warrior

This actually started out alright with Hogan and Slaughter but quickly went to shit. When the two previously named dudes have to carry the workload you know it’s going to be a rough go of it. Sadly this ends on a low note as far as in ring work goes. 5-8

Winner: Hogan and Warrior after the former threw powder in Sarge’s eyes and hit the legdrop.

Hogan does the pose deal but adds Sid to the party since Warrior is in the back getting fired.

The Mountie wants his own cell and it seems like he never got it.

We recap Macho proposing to Elizabeth as half the crowd was in tears.

Now a musical tribute and the entire crowd is in tears. Not me though. I have serious seasonal allergies.

The Match Made in Heaven:

I’m not going to rate a wedding. But I think we all can agree that we were wishing for a happy ending for these two that sadly didn’t come.

Final Tally? 5-8 For a show from 30 years ago the wrestling held up surprisingly well. Also, how many pay per views can end with a wedding? That’s not nothing.

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