Thrill of the Hunt.

Commentary: Matt Striker and Vampiro

Sexy Star calls out Chavo for being a jerk and taking up valuable television time. Ivelisse doesn’t care much for her plight. Apparently she is also the baddest bitch in the building.

Sexy Star v Ivelisse

Sexy Star was all scratched up in this thing. I didn’t love this one but the edits made it at least watchable. You can tell they had some serious flubs because even with all the cuts some of it came through. Good enough I guess. 1-1

Winner: Sexy Star with La Magistral.

Dario meets up with Drago in the locker room. Since he doesn’t know what Drago can do yet he gets to prove himself against the debuting King Cuerno. Oops.

Pentagon JR. demands respect from everyone.

Pentagon JR. v Fenix

So Lucha Underground figured out early that if you have these two in any combination on the show it’s money. These guys were working like their jobs were depending on it. Give me this every show and I’m good.  2-2

Winner: Fenix with the top rope Spanish Fly.

King Cuerno hype video. He in on the hunt tonight. Hell yeah he is.

Drago v King Cuerno

Another awesome match. My little boy was in here losing his shit watching these two. They just keep delivering match after match thus far and I still have yet to deduct a point. 3-3

Winner: Drago with a crazy roll-up.

Konnan wants Prince Puma to mind his own business tonight.

Big Ryck v Johnny Mundo

Not terrible considering Ryck was involved. It was definitely weaker than the previous two but there is no real shame in that. The DQ hurts it but still not enough for me to not give it a point. 4-4

Winner: Johnny wins by DQ when Castro and Cisco arrive after attacking Puma in the back.

Ryck and the Boys put Johnny through a table and stand tall to close us out.

Final Tally? 4-4 Come on. This show can’t miss so far. I’m going to get real sad later on when it turns in to a regular wrestling show. Also no Chavo this week! Good times.

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