The Rock returns.


San Jose, California

Commentary: JR and Paul E

Peacock keeps the Drowning Pool Bodies opening video. Thanks I guess.

Meanwhile, the InVasion continued to be the big story on this show.

Lance Storms speech is interupted by Edge’s music even though he SPECIFICALLY asked for no interruptions. Rude

Intercontinental Championship: (C) Lance Storm (Alliance) v Edge (WWF)

Solid opener. You could tell both guys wanted to have a good one to kick off the night and I’m sure with all the talent under contract there was a lot of pressure to do so. Lance Storm never had a charisma problem when the bell rang and Edge was definitely well on his way to being the Hall of Fame he would eventually become. 1-1

Winner: Edge won the title with the Edgecution.

Christian hands Edge the belt following after his interference almost screwed him.

Michael Cole and his frosted tips interviews Test and the Dudleys. Test’s promo abilities aren’t discussed for a reason.

Lillian interviews Y2J. Apparently he’s never defeated Rhyno and Stephanie is a whore. Yep, this was 2001.

Spike Dudley/APA (w/Molly Holly)(WWF) v Test/Dudley Boyz (Alliance)

Test had turned to the Alliance and cost the APA the tag titles previous too this. They had attacked him before that so I guess they should have been even. Nothing memorable here other than Spike being thrown through a table like a dart. They kept it moving and I wasn’t bored so I’ll take it. 2-2

Winner: Test pinned JBL after Shane McMahon murdered him with a chair shot.

Grandma Edna called Christian’s phone but she just wanted to talk to Edge.

Shawn Stasiak and Debra are backstage proving two wrongs don’t make a right as far as terrible promos go. Terrible may be an understatement.

Title for Title/ WWF Light Heavyweight/WCW Cruiserweight: Tajiri v X-Pac

Tajiri was the LH champ and Pac was CW champ because confusion creates cash or something. This was fun and had all kinds of unique pinfall attempts and reversals all the way through it. I know Pac was hated at this point but man did he really bring the goods in this. Add Tajiri to that mix and this was an easy point. 3-3

Winner: X-Pac unified the titles after interference by Albert, a low blow and the X Factor.

Perry Saturn is at WWF New York and is desperate to find the kidnapped Moppy. Luckily she is now on the side of milk cartons nation wide. You’re welcome.

Stephanie McMahon gives Rhyno a pep talk in the back.

We recap the Steph/Jericho feud.

Rhyno (w/Stephanie McMahon) (Alliance) v Chris Jericho (WWF)

Surprisingly to me, even though he had been on the big stage longer, Jericho seemed more nervous and off than Rhyno did. Just a step off at times. The match itself was pretty fun and Stephanie being one of the worst people in the world outside the ring really helped with that story. Although in 2021 Jericho forcing a kiss on her would get shit on immediately and rightly so. Some stuff just doesn’t age well. Match was enough for a point though. 4-4

Winner: Jericho via the Walls.

The Rock is here. Regal tries to check on his condition but gets cut off. Rock does the usual until Stasiak runs into a wall and knocks himself out.

Hardcore Championship/Ladder Match: RVD (Alliance) v (C) Jeff Hardy (WWF)

These two men in 2001 had no regard for their own well being. Like. At all. They still don’t but right here they were in their prime of trying to kill themselves. Everything in this looked crisp, brutal and completely crazy. There was some stuff that missed a bit but it should have, that’s what makes it great. I dug this a lot. Kudos to both of these weirdos. 5-5

Winner: RVD got the title via belt retrieval.

Booker and Shane are in the locker room. Shane gifts Booker bookends made from the announce table he put Rock through. Booker is so moved he dedicates the match to Shane.

Kane, Undertaker and Sara are walking backstage.

We recap DDP stalking Taker’s wife because we are supposed to forget Kimberly Page existed and looked like Kimberly Page. Also Undertaker has a type.

Steel Cage/Title for Title/WWF/WCW Tag Team Championships: DDP/Kanyon (Alliance) v Brothers of Destruction (w/Sara) (WWF)

DDP and Kanyon hold the WWF belts and the Brothers are WCW tag champs coming in. So. This didn’t look like the best match on paper but they even underdelivered on THAT. DDP was one of two legit stars that came in from WCW initially and they threw every bit of good will and respect he had from the audience out the window immediately with this dumb storyline and even worse match. Just a terrible, terrible use of someone that at the time could have helped contribute. Fuck this match. 5-6

Winners: The Brothers got the win after letting Kanyon escape and ruining DDP.

The Rock is with the Doctor. Stasiak dies again. So there’s that.

Both locker rooms are glued to the TV set.

We recap Austin/Angle. Also we hear Bodies again.

WWF Championship: Kurt Angle (WWF) v (C) Steve Austin (Alliance)

These two didn’t have chemistry. They had CHEMISTRY. They went out there and outperformed everyone else on this show by a mile and if the ending wasn’t complete horseshit I think this would have been remembered as an all time great. It was that good. Bless both of these dudes for getting the taste of that last match out of my mouth. 6-7

Winner: Angle won by DQ after Austin murdered several referees.

Angle beat up Nick Patrick for what was probably the right call realistically.

Recap of the Rock/Booker deal.

The locker rooms are still watching TV. They did at least have the decency to put the camera right behind Stacy Keibler on the Alliance side.

WCW Championship: (C) Booker T (w/Shane McMahon) (Alliance) v The Rock (WWF)

Huge pop for Rock. This was another very solid to good match that just happened to follow a much better one. It happens. Best bump of the match is the one Shane took off of Bradshaw’s Clothesline from Hell. Dude almost died. This only closed so Rock could pose in the end and it served it’s purpose just fine. Had a few slow spots but otherwise no complaints from me. 7-8

Winner: Rock wins the strap after reversing a Spinarooni into a Rock Bottom.

The WWF locker room celebrates.

Final Tally? 7-8 Hell of a show here. Other than the Tag Title shit I enjoyed everything they put forward. The crowd was still hot for the Alliance v WWF stuff and that helped as well. Good times.

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