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Ft. Worth, Texas

Commentary: Cole and the Gang

Money in the Bank:  Alexa Bliss v Liv Morgan v Nikki A.S.H. v Natalya v Tamina v Zelina Vega v Naomi v Asuka

Honestly this wasn’t too bad. Nothing super memorable but everyone seemed to work hard. They really protected Alexa’s character by having everyone else gang up on her. Which is kind of funny since she is a tiny, tiny human. Nikki getting the case was a shocker but maybe they have a plan for once. The crowd helped this a lot. 1-1

Winner: Nikki was victorious after flying up the ladder.

The Usos won the tag titles on the Kickoff. Hope they don’t celebrate too much…

Meanwhile, the Head of the Table gives out words of wisdom and hugs.

RAW Tag Team Championships: (C)AJ Styles/Omos v The Viking Raiders

I think they have the tag champs formula down perfectly. AJ is playing Haku and working most of match while Omos the Giant murders people. The Raiders are big and talented enough to make it believable that he wouldn’t murder them. Once again the crowd helped a lot. 2-2

Winners: The Champs retain after a Treeslam.

Drew cuts a promo but gets a lot more boos than the dude has earned. Must be all the stories.

WWE Championship: (C) Bobby Lashley v Kofi Kingston

Ok. So it was a squash. BUT. It was an entertaining squash that made the champ look like a monster and Kofi a hero for surviving as long as he did. The crowd even got into the beating near the end. I was entertained. 3-3

Winner: Bob retained via murder.

RAW Women’s Championship: (C) Rhea Ripley v Charlotte Flair

Up to this point the match of the night was right here. After working through the crowd trying to hijack the show with Becky chants they really got it together. Rhea just being unable to beat Flair one on one could be a great story if they play it right. Slow start but great finish. 4-4

Winner: The Queen returns to her throne with the Figure Eight.

Aaaand here is where Peacock screwed the pooch for a few minutes. Missed a backstage skit and all of the entrances. Kinda mad about then entrances, less so about the skit.

Money in the Bank:  Kevin Owens v Shinsuke Nakamura v Riddle v Seth Rollins v Ricochet v John Morrison v Big E v Drew McIntyre

This was awesome. One of the better MITB matches in recent memory and made Big E into a Championship threat finally. It had all the craziness you would expect, set up Drew/Jinder and had the crowd going completely apeshit. Good stuff. 5-5

Winner: Big E wins the big one after surviving a car wreck and hitting a Big Ending off the ladder on Seth.

Seth serves up a heaping bowl of foreshadowing backstage.

Universal Championship: (C) Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman) v Edge

I fucking loved this match. The crowd brought it, Edge looks like he’s 20 years younger and Roman continues to deliver the goods every single time out. Both men looked better for this match taking place and that is a hard thing to pull off anymore. This also had the benefit of setting up TWO main event level matches for Summer Slam and almost giving me a heart attack. 6-6

Winner: The Head of the Table retains after some Seth distraction and a Spear.

Seth and Edge brawl to the back after the war. Our Tribal Chief hangs out though. He soaks in his moment until…

JOHN CENA RETURNS! One of the biggest pops ever for that. Seriously. They do a faceoff and your Summer Slam main event is set without a word said.

Final Tally? 6-6 Folks. I don’t know how many perfect scores I have given out. In fact. I don’t know that I have. Every match on this delivered though and deserves it. They really did a good job welcoming the fans back with this one. Let’s see if they can keep this momentum up.

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