Capitol Wrestling Center

Commentary: Vic Joseph, Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett

Naomi Fox does an In Your House performance that definitely happened.

Todd Pettingil is the host.

North American/NXT Tag/Winner take all: (C) MSK/Bronson Reed v Legado Del Phantasma

Fun opener. They kept Reed looking really strong and didn’t make the heels look too bad at all in doing so. I dug it. 1-1

Winner: Champs retain following a Tsunami from Reed.

We recap stuff from the Kickoff show and Martinez/Li deal.

Mercedes Martinez v Xia Li

What a bad ass entrance from Xia. I haven’t been watching weekly so I don’t know the story behind the Mortal Kombat deal. The match was fine. I guess Martinez was the babyface but myself, nor the crowd cared. Eh. 1-2

Winner: Li with a Trouble in Paradise. Li tries to attack with a chair afterwards but Martinez turned that around. She went to far though and the Mei Ying Mortal Kombat lady took her out.

Sign up for Peacock apparently.

Thatcher and Ciampa are mad.

Recap of the Million Dollar deal. Then the man himself brings out the belt.

Million Dollar Championship/Ladder Match: LA Knight v Cameron Grimes

I’ve never been a big fan of the in ring work of Knight but he showed me a something in this one. Grimes is always good and this match was no different. The combination of these two worked well. Plus there was a golden ladder and Grimes still jumped off the damned set. I can’t hate that. 2-3

Winner: LA Knight via case retrieval. The Million Dollar Man handed over the belt following the win.

WWE is touring again.

Hit Row slings merch with Todd.

The guys from the main event brawl in the back.

Recap of Moon/Gonzalez.

NXT Women’s Championship: Ember Moon v (C) Raquel Gonzalez (w/Dakota Kai)

I don’t dislike either woman. I feel I need to state that before I say that that this was too long and way too sloppy to be a Championship match on a big stage. Sadly neither women’s match delivered tonight. It be like that sometimes. 2-4

Winner: The champ retains after her one arm powerbomb deal.

Tickets for Summer Slam on sale Friday.

Todd is playing Karate Fighters with the serial killer guy.

Great American Bash July 6th.

Recap of the main event storyline.

The Heartbreak Kid Johnny Gargano walks around a women’s brawl on the way to the ring.

NXT Championship/Fatal 5-way: Johnny Gargano v Kyle O’Reilly v Pete Dunne v Adam Cole v (C) Karrion Kross (w/Scarlett)

Good main but it says something when the champ is the weakest link in there. He was fine honestly but everyone else was just on some elite level shit. Point was made though and Kross looked like a beast. 3-5

Winner: Champ retains with a Kross Jacket on Kyle.

Regal looks sad and says it may be time for a change.

Final Tally? 3-5 Definitely not my favorite Takeover event. This fell into the “fine” category pretty far. Plus who is left to take in the champions now? Eh, it’ll be fine.

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