Southern Sickness Cup is coming to Connersville, Indiana.

Southern Sickness Cup: The Next Episode
May 14th and 15th 2021! Connersville,IN

24 Person DeathMatch Tournament
Ending inside Big Vic’s Glass Jungle #RIPVic

20 Official Entrants
Plus 4 people looking earn their spot in the second round!

Earn Your Spot 4 Way! Fans Bring The Weapons DeathMatch
Satu Jinn Vs Otis Cogar Vs iNsAnE Vs TBA!

First Round Matches

Hack&Slash DeathMatch( Barbwire Bats,Gusset Plate Bats&Boards, kitchen Knife Boards)
The “Hipster Heartthrob”
Casanova Valentine
Reed “By God” Bentley

10k Tacks & Thumbtack Weapons
Louie Ramos vs Bam Sullivan

Carpet Strip Contraptions,Cinder Blocks and Cut Can Boards
Neil Diamond Cutter Vs The Bev

Doors Ladders F*ckery
Alex Ocean Vs Sawyer Wreck

The Ritual DeathMatch (Lighttube Pentagrams,Lit Candles,Chains&Barbwire corners)
Ruben Steel vs The “Death Samurai” Akira

Swing 4 The Fence DeathMatch! DeathMatch Bats,water jugs and more!
Nolan Edward Vs The Carver of Cutters Alley

Unlucky Spa(hot coals,acupuncture needles, must staple 7 dollar bills to opponents foot to win)
Jimmy Chondo Lyon
“Never Say Die”
Josh Crane

Tokyo Death Towers
“All balls” Kevin Giza
The “Wizard King” Orin Veidt

Don’t Change The Channel DeathMatch! (TVs and Lighttube Contraptions)
JJ Escobar
The 2020 KOTDM
Eric Ryan

First Round Main Event:
House Of Pain DeathMatch (Mirrors Line the Ropes,Panes Of Glass in the corners,barbwire nets on the outside)
The “Duke Of Hardcore”
John Wayne Murdoch
IWA MS World Champion
The “Modern Day Man In Black”
Jake Crist

Then on Day two

Semi Finals:

3 Way #1
Big In Japan DeathMatch!
(Kenzans,Gusset Plates,Lighttube Fans & More!)

3 Way #2
Bar Rescue DeathMatch
(Beer Bottle Top weapons ,Broken Bottle glass pits and weapons)

3 Way #3
The Match That’s Gonna Sting!
Dry Ice Pits,Lemon Juice,Salt and Rubbing Alcohol. Each Object will be accompanied by a death match weapon!

Singles Match
Built For Destruction DeathMatch
(Mini Beds Of Nails In 2 Corners,Saw Boards,Lighttube&Barbwire Drywall,Loose Building Tools!)

Plus Non Tournament action and the Finals inside Big Vic’s Glass Jungle

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