Check out what went down at our little charity event…

At 10 pm Wednesday night on IWTV the biggest Animal related charity show in Southern Indiana that happened in April in a barn premieres. (Try debating THAT) Here is what you can expect to see.

White Trash Trailer Park Bash: Ron Mathis v Big Beef Gnarls Garvin

Dog Collar Match: Nolan Edward v Kerry Awful

Big Trouble in Little Salem: Big Cuz v “Big D” Daniel Luck v Big Perc

Lost Boys v Dylan Derringer/Anakin Murphy

Hoodfoot v Billie Starkz

Loyal Rumble

Daddy’s Money v Loki Havik/Juicy Jimmy v ???

Shawn Kemp v Freddie Hudson Championship Chain: (C) Chase Holliday v Nick King

New Wave Pro Crossroads Championship: (C) Don’t Die Miles v Gary Jay

Flash Thompson (w/Ben Shearin) v Dimitri Alexandroff

Zay Washington v Lexus Montez

AKIRA UWFI Open Challenge

Charlie Kruel v Alex Kane

Thanks again to all the shows sponsors. Give them a look after, during and before the show.

Seated Senton

Grindbin Podcast

Remmy Creative

Never Open Podcast

Big Starkz Brand

Kyle Hobson

Best in the World Podcast

Doug and Tammy French

Ohio Wrestling Alliance

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