Crossing the Border…

Commentary: Matt Striker and Vampiro

Konnan is in the office with Dario. They talk about some new talent that Konnan brought up from Mexico. You may recognize them and all three fight one another tonight.

Famed GCW announcer KG is trying to get his screen time behind Matt and Vampiro.

Dario Cueto is out now. People were complaining about not enough Lucha in the underground so he gives us what we want. El Mariachi Loco. Huh.  Dario found him at a Mexican restaurant so he has faith in him. His opponent is a huge name in the business…

Mascarita Sagrada v El Mariachi Loco

I went into this thinking that it would be the first Lucha Underground match to not get a point and I was wrong. Not a classic but a fun match that didn’t overstay it’s welcome. Good enough for government work. 1-1

Winner: Mascarita with a *ahem* small package. Chavo attacks from behind because he’s listed as a producer and has to be in every show.

Vampiro had a pretape sit down interview with Chavo earlier in the week. Vampiro gives him shit because he’s awesome. Chavo goes off on Blue Demon Jr riding on his family name and how he is here to stay. Once again. Producer.

Hey kids, do you like Chavo? He’s back! He runs into Konnan in the back and apparently Mexico is pissed. Mil Muertes and Catrina arrive to say cryptic shit and lick faces. Producer.

Mil Muertes was in a huge earthquake in 1985. His entire family died and turned him into what he is today. Pasquale Mendoza was no more. A thousand deaths are coming.

Ricky Mandel v Mil Muertes (w/Catrina)

Good old fashioned squash. Served it’s purpose. I once again have no complaints. 2-2

Winner: Mil with the Flatliner. Catrina licks old boy after the match.

Castro and Cisco run into Mundo in the hallway outside of Dario’s office. It doesn’t go well for them. Johnny wants a match with Big Ryck. He gets it. After he is done with Big Ryck? Dario is next.

Big Ryck is in the office taking a huge payout from Dario. Smart.

We get a closer look at Prince Puma. I think it’s the same deal from the last episode.

Main Event Triple Threat: Drago v Fenix v Pentagon Jr

Hell yeah. This is where the show takes off for me. When you add this type of talent it has to get better. Best match in the companies short history at this point. When Drago is the WORST wrestler in the match? You know you have something special. Obviously an easy point. 3-3

Winner: Fenix pins Pentagon with the Poison Rana after a fucking BANGER.

We are in the back with Dario as he talks to someone in a cell while gripping the key around his neck. I in turn squeal like a pig in excitement.

Final Tally? 3-3 Again this show uses it’s time well and delivers on everything it puts out there. We are three episodes in and I have enjoyed almost all of it. A bit too much Chavo but I’ll take it if Fenix keeps jumping off 20 foot balconies for no reason.

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