Los Demonios…

Commentary: Matt Striker and Vampiro

We get a recap of last week.

Cortez Castro, Cisco and “The Boss” Big Ryck open us up for introductions but Johnny Mundo comes out for some revenge immediately. He’s outnumbered but Puma arrives. Dario shows up channeling his inner Teddy Long and makes it a tag team match playa.

Johnny Mundo/Prince Puma v Cortez Castro/Mr. Cisco (Big Ryck watched from the crowd)
Well here is our first tag team contest in Lucha Underground history. This was a fun match that was easily 95 percent action. It’s always fun watching Ricochet do Ricochet stuff without having to hold back. Hell of an opener. 1-1

Winners: Puma and Johnny via dueling 450 splashes. Ryck looked pissed.

Konnan gives sage advice to Puma about Johnny backstage. Apparently he can’t be trusted.

Mil Muertes is introduced. Hell yeah. Also Catrina heller yeah.

Son of Havoc/Ivilesse v Chavo Guerrero Jr/Sexy Star
They are still pushing the tights deal from last week that even with a couple of replays I still didn’t see. Other than one little flub on a take down by Star and Ivilesse it was mostly a well done and solid match all throughout. I have zero issues with this. 2-2

Winners: Chavo and Star after a Frog splash/Roll-up combo on Havoc.

Blue Demon is introduced to Catrina backstage while lazily swinging his arms. She licks his face in a menacing way. Sure. I mean if you gotta die…

We get some more information on Prince Puma. He’s a descendent of the fiercest tribe of Aztecs. Probably the dreaded “12 pack Abs” tribe.

Main Event: Blue Demon Jr v Mil Muertes (w/Catrina)

This was a lot different than anything in the show this far. More of a traditional power style match between two experienced dudes. Still it was pretty solid and introduced two huge characters in the Lucha Underground universe so I consider it a win. 3-3

Winner: Mil gets the victory with a Flatliner.

After the match the beating continues. Chavo comes out with a chair to make the save before sealing his reputation as a scumbag by turning on Demon immediately. He then attacks officials and some nameless luchadores before continuing the attack. Finally his partner Sexy Star arrives to talk him down. Didn’t work. He took her head off with a chair as well. Demon is taken out on stretcher while Chavo laughs his ass off. He attacks again before the stretcher leaves. What a dick.

We see the ambulance leave…

Final Tally? 3-3 Yep. Two episodes and and still not a bad match. Obviously I’m going to ride this train as far as I can because I forgot how much I love this show.

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