The show so nice they had to do it twice.

5/26 and 5/28/1996

Florence and Charleston, South Carolina

Commentary: Vince McMahon and The King.

This was the show where a storm took out the power for a bit and they had to redo some of the stuff the people at home missed.

We get a recap of Backlund and Helmsley attacking Mero on Superstars.

Dok is with Mero and Sable. It was a promo. Sable looked like a star obviously.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Some Lady) v Marc Mero (w/Sable)

This was way better than what I expected. I am normally not into skinny HHH but he and Mero really out together a fun contest in this one. I really wish Mero didn’t run into all those injuries because the dude could flat go here. Then towards the end one of those injuries appears to rear their ugly head as he looks to mess his knee up on a dive. Regardless this was an easy point and a good showcase for both dudes. 1-1

Winner: Mero got the win after HHH takes the Mr. Perfect ringpost bump.

Speaking of Perfect he is backstage with Camp Cornette. We find out Owen will be in Bulldog’s corner for the night. They were doing the Diana angle here. It was not good.

Then the power went out apparently.

Dok is with HBK and Jose. Shawn drops a Melrose Place reference. I’m sure that was timely. He passes Perfect on the way out.

Tuesday night there will be a makeup encore show. I mean. Obviously.

Clarence Mason arrives to announce a lawsuit against Shawn for trying to break up the marriage of the heels. What a terrible angle. “Attempted alienation of affection”. Christ.

WWE Championship: British Bulldog (w/Diana Smith and Owen Hart) v (C) Shawn Michaels (w/Jose Lothario)

This started out sloooooow. Shawn looked pissed off in a rear chinlock and at this point in the match I couldn’t blame him. The most exciting thing to this point is Shawn tripping and running out of the ring face first. It kind of feels like they are going for epic but it sure as hell is falling short through most of it. Then comes the ref bump. To make things worse they do the double pin off a German spot and Bulldog is declared the winner. Luckily the original ref is there and they continue to make this more complicated than need be. Gorilla arrives to maintain order. What a fucking disappointing match this was. 1-2

Winner: It was a draw with all four shoulders down. I hate that finish, especially in a title match that should have saved the show. To say this was a  huge letdown wouldn’t be scratching the surface for me.

JR and Mr. Perfect are commentary team for Beware of Dog 2. Starting now.

Caribbean Strap Match (If Austin Loses Dibiase must leave WWE/If Savio loses he becomes Ted’s driver): Stone Cold Steve Austin (w/Ted Dibiase) v Savio Vega

This is the rematch from the contest they had in the dark a couple of days before. This was a banger as the kids say. They beat the living hell out of one another for my amusement and I am here for it. Austin was just about there in becoming a star and Savio was a perfect opponent for him at the time. Plus the way Steve played up the loss was awesome. We live in a world where Savio Vega gets a point and Shawn Michaels doesn’t. Amazing. 2-3

Winner: Savio via touching all four corners.

Ted gets the Na Na Na treatment on the way out. See you in the nWo Ted.

Shawn is in the AOL chatroom. He always looks confused near a computer.

We get the recap of Vader trying to break Yoko’s leg.

Vader (w/Jim Cornette) v Yokozuna

Not too much to this one. Vader looked alright but poor Yokozuna didn’t have much left in the tank. I really wanted to like the battle of 1993’s monster heels battling but sadly it just wasn’t to be. 2-4

Winner: Vader got the pin off a Vaderbomb following some Cornette related shenanigans.

King of the Ring commercial. Jerry Lawler is beaten by dead kings and laughed at by the devil. Neat. Gee. I hope the out the crown on someone good. They run down the card and I may need to rewatch it.

We see clips of Ahmed and Goldust having issues. Goldust tried to give him mouth to mouth and it went south. Not sure how that involves this match but hey.

Intercontinental Championship/Casket Match: (C) Goldust (w/Marlena) v The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer)

The best part of this match was Marlena’s confidence in the top of her dress. Goldust knew his role and bumped his ass off for the Deadman it just bored the living shit out of me until the end. But then Mick makes everything better. Still not so good. 2-5

Winner: Goldust retained after Mankind attacked from inside the casket.

The casket is smoking and when the lid comes off the Undertaker had disappeared. SPOOKY.

Final Tally? 2-5 I want to say the show was bad due to the circumstances surrounding it but it was more the stuff didn’t deliver the way it should. The Shawn/Bulldog match in particular was a major disappointment. Oh well.

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