From IWA…

Kevin Giza def Mance Warner
Zodiak def Kellin Craven
Alice Crowley def Jessie Belle Smothers
Billy Tipton def Hunter Drake
Corey Storm def Pompano Joe
Vincent Nothing def 1 Called Manders
Nick King def Jack Griffin
Tyler Matrix def Blake Steel
Logan James def Prima Donny
Gnarls Garvin def Kevin Lee Davidson
John Wayne Murdoch def Kongo Kong
Jake Crist def Aaron Williams

Night 2 second round matches:

John Wayne Murdoch vs Nick King
Zodiak vs Gnarls Garvin
Kevin Giza vs Tyler Matrix
Logan James vs Corey Storm
Alice Crowley vs Billy Tipton
Jake Crist vs Vincent Nothing

Plus the semis and the 3 way finals. Remember once one participant is eliminated in the finals, it goes to TLC rules with the IWA World Title on the line.