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Tampa Bay, Florida

Commentary: Cole, Byron, Corey and Samoa Joe

  • America the beautiful again. This time from some lady who’s name I didn’t catch nor care to look up.
  • Pirate Titus and Hulk welcome us again and the boos were worse tonight than last night.
  • Randy is rocking some new white gear. Meanwhile, The Fiend walks down a magic hallway and heals his burns then comes out of a giant jack in the box at ringside.

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Randy Orton v The Fiend (w/Alexa Bliss)

Other than the shenanigans in the opening and finish this was not very good. The red lights never help and it was slow and plodding. The only other real positive was that it was quick. Sorry Randy. 0-1

Winner: Randy Orton gets an RKO after Alexa Bliss Dark distracted the Fiend.

  • Bayley continues to be wasted in backstage skits. This time with the hosts and Bischoff. He does manage to plug 83 Weeks though.

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WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: (C) Nia Jax/Shayna Baszler v Natalya/Tamina

Who were we supposed to be rooting for? I mean, at one point the crowd cheered Tamina but I didn’t endorse that at all. If we’ve learned nothing from the last two nights it’s that this tag division is big trash. This was not so good for a dozen reason. 0-2

Winners: Champs retain after Shayna choked Natty out.

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Sami Zayn v Kevin Owens

FINALLY some good wrestling. Obviously these two can have a great match at the drop of a hat and did so here. Sami is completely unhinged right now and Kevin trying to beat some sense into him is the absolute best. I can’t wait until they finally pull the trigger and put them back together. Great stuff. Oh. Logan Paul was there too. 1-3

Winner: KO with the Stunner.

  • After the match Paul finally gets involved and shoves Sami. He then makes the mistake of touching the Canadian Rattlesnake and eats a Stunner.
  • Riddle meets Khali and RVD. Hilarity ensues?

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United States Championship: (C) Riddle v Sheamus

There were some spots where they definitely had some communication issues. But. Hitting someone really hard always clears up any issues with me. Sheamus was especially good in this and is criminally underrated for as decorated he is. 2-4

Winner: Sheamus got the win with a Brogue Kick when Riddle got too fancy.

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Intercontinental Championship/Nigerian Drum Fight: Apollo Crews v (C) Big E

This was essentially a hardcore match but add drums. It was fine. I feel bad for Big E having to eat the loss in his hometown but I should be used to it by now. I’m happy for Apollo and hope this helps him a bit but they haven’t built this well at this point so I’m not holding my breath. I’ll take this though. 3-5

Winner: Apollo wins the title after Dabba Kato murdered Big E.

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  • The Hall of Fame deal. Molly still looks 25.

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Raw Women’s Championship: (C) Asuka v Rhea Ripley

Hell of a match and they finally did the right thing by putting Rhea over strong. Asuka is a treasure and did her very best to make Rhea look like a world beater. This is how you make a star and these two did an amazing job. Obviously a point. 4-6

Winner: Rhea won the title with a Riptide.

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  • Hulk and Titus are bothered by Bayley again. This time the Bellas arrive and attack when John Cena is mentioned. Poor Bayley deserved better. Everyone but her was booed by the live crowd though.
  • WrestleMania Backlash?

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Universal Championship/Triple Threat: Daniel Bryan v Edge v (C) Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman and Jey Uso)

All hail the Tribal Chief. This was another instant classic. These three men have all had hardships to overcome and to see them all delivering as well as they did on the grandest stage of them all was something beautiful to watch. Bryan is still amazing. Edge continues to deliver in his comeback at a way higher level than he should be. Finally, Roman Reigns is the best thing going right now by a mile. Just masterful stuff. Great main event. 5-7

Winner: Roman pins BOTH guys after some interference from Jey and some conchairtos.

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Final Tally? 5-7 If you take away the first two matches then this was a hell of a show. As it stands it was still pretty damn good. The main event in particular was top tier. Thumbs up for both nights.

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