Two big shows are lined up.


They start the weekend with New Blood III on Saturday.

So because I’m lazy I’ll hit you with the link for the first show so you can see what’s lined up.

I’m getting too old to chase cards down. My bad.


Then Sunday they have Mercyful Fate Part 2 which the full card is readily available so here ya go.

AWR Championship: Justin Kyle v Madman Fulton

Boards of Bullshit: Dale Patricks v G Raver

AWR Revolutionary Championship/Taipai Deathmatch: Kevin Giza v Josh Crane

Mitch Onyx v Billie Starkz

AWR Tag Titles: Black Cube Society v Shooters Don’t Die

Aaron Atlas v Sam Knight v ??

Ace Perry v Brayden Lee

Pools of Fuckery: Mickie Knuckles v AKIRA

Tag Death: Aidan Blackhart/ Remington Rhor v Wrathbone/ Chet Rippley

Women’s Championship: Charlie Kruel v Ava Lee

Appollo Starr v Bret Havoc v Jason Wilde

Casey Grimm Santos v TJ Kemp

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