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AWR has a couple of shows coming up this month. Figured we would be nosey and get a bit of information.

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MWT: You have a couple of big shows coming up soon, including AWR New Blood III on March 27th. What are you most excited about so far for that show?

Everything. Seeing the raw talent that participate in New Blood surprises the fans and myself every time. Matt Brannigan, Eric Dillinger, Arthur McArthur and many new names are ready to show up and show out!


MWT: These events are a great way to see and obtain new talent for sure. Who has been the biggest surprise out of the New Blood shows?

Four names come to my mind when you mention New Blood; Kronos the Beserker, Aaron Atlas, Nate Matthews and Blake182. All 4 of these names go the extra mile in making sure the fans get their monies worth each New Blood.


MWT: New Blood seems like a fun show. But AWR has a ton of other things lined up soon right?

March 28th, the night after New Blood 3 we have Mercyful Fate 2. So far with what is already announced it Is  becoming a classic.
Matches like Justin Kyle Vs Madman Fulton In A Doors Match For The AWR World Heavyweight Championship.
Which remember, Madman Fulton was the man who retired Dru Skillz, who originally brought Justin Kyle to AWR.
You have Dale Patricks AWRs Babbbbby Boy, facing off with International Deathmatch Superstar G-Raver In A Boards of Bullshit Match. Charlie Kruel taking on Ava Lee for the Women’s Championship and tons more.
I hear rumbles inside the AWR office that a certain tournament is about to be announced soon as well…
We’re also looking to take AWR out of state very soon. Working on a lot of good stuff for the fans this year!

MWT: What are your long term goals for AWR by the way? WrestleMania week shows? A bigger seat at the table?

Definitely open to Mania weekend shows in the future. My biggest goal is to take AWR global and take our seat at the table of the best Indies out there. Which being on IWTV has helped as it’s opened a lot of doors and opportunities for us.


MWT: I appreciate you taking the time to answer some questions today. One more and I’ll leaving you alone. Is the issue with Ian over or do you think it’ll ever end? There has definitely been noticeable heat there for a long time.

I have no heat with Ian, Ian has heat with me.

Do I poke the bear? Yes, its wrestling, but I never have tried to stop workers from working with him.

Hell I Love and have A lot of respect for MOST the IWA locker room. The day Ian stops playing his 1990s wrestling politics is the day I’d be open to a conversation with him.

But to be honest; as a few very respected wrestlers have told me…I don’t need his attention, He needs mine.

He can pull whatever he pulls and work with whoever he likes, and we will do the same. We’re in 2 different lanes on the same highway.

MWT: Thanks for the time. 

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