Going back in time to 35 years ago this month. The build for WrestleMania 2 continues…

Original Airdate 2/1/1986

Phoenix, Arizona

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jesse “the Body” Ventura

  • Gene interrupts Mr. T hitting a heavy bag in preparation for his boxing match with Bob Orton. He was not amused.
  • Cue the intro.
  • Ah hell, a Hulk Hogan music video tonight.
  • We recap Hogan on Piper’s Pit where they set up Orton v T tonight.
  • Gene is with Piper and Orton about the fight tonight. They apparently do not like T.
  • T is getting wrapped up. Lots of riveting stuff here for the national TV audience.
  • Jesus, more filler. Gene was at T’s last sparring session. Rocky III was apparently just a movie. I’m glad we got that amazing insight.

10 Round Boxing: Mr. T (w/Generic Boxing guys) v Bob Orton (w/Roddy Piper)

Like every boxing match it starts with someone being jumped from behind. This was bad on a Wrestling level, on a Boxing level and on an entertainment level. Mr. T was blown up about 7 seconds in and the cheating in this was even more ham-fisted than it appears in normal matches. I award this no point and may God have mercy on it’s soul. 0-1

Winner: Mr. T via TKO.

  • After the match the heels beat down Mr. T after he completely ignores all smart babyface protocol. They even hold him down and whip him with a belt. Jesse makes a Roots joke and make the already iffy racial undertones even worse.
  • Gene is with T. He’s pretty pissed. He wants Piper.
  • Gene is with The Brain and King Kong Bundy. They want Hogan.

Steve Gatorwolf v King Kong Bundy (w/the Brain)

Squash City. Bundy even asked for the five count. Still not good. 0-2

Winner. Bundy with the Avalanche.

  • Bundy takes the mic and wants Hogan.
  • Gene is with number one contender Magnificent Muraco. He blames Hogan for giving Mr. Fuji the flu (Gene calls is the Asian and Hong Kong Flu because we can’t have nice things). So because Fuji is ill Heenan will be representing Muraco as manager tonight.
  • They show Fuji backstage acting like he’s dying.
  • Gene is with Hogan. He suspects collusion between Fuji and Brain. What a genius. Although surprisingly Hogan is the one person on the show so far to not say something racist. So there’s that.

King Kong Bundy crushes Hulk Hogan: Saturday Night's Main Event, March 1,  1986 | WWE

WWF Championship: (C) Hulk Hogan v Magnificent Muraco (w/the Brain)

Just your average 80s Hogan match where he makes the big comeback and takes down the bad guy. This one was actually on the shorter side and not as good as usual. It was all a big setup for the angle following anyway. 0-3

Winner: Hogan by DQ after Heenan interference.

  • After the match Hogan is about to get revenge on Heenan when King Kong Bundy arrives. They do the double team Avalanche/Big Splash deal to set up the cage match for WrestleMania 2 before the British Bulldogs and Pedro Morales make the save.
  • Hogan is stretchered out to an ambulance. Gene was on the scene to get all the non information. Thank God EMT Joey Marella was there.
  • Gene with the tag champs. They don’t care that they lost a non title match previously.
  • We recap that non title match.

WWF Tag Team Championships: British Bulldogs (w/Capt. Lou Albano) v (C) The Dream Team (w/Johnny Valiant)

Unsurprisingly one of the only good matches on Mania 2 is the first good one tonight as well. The Bulldogs were phenomenal in this time frame and all the champs had to do was their normal schtick to make it entertaining. Thanks people because this was getting bleak. 1-4

Winners: The champs retain after Dynamite and Hammer collide head to head with Greg’s leg landing barely on top for the three.

  • Gene is at the ER waiting on word on Hogan.
  • The premier of the Real American music video. God bless America or whatever.
  • Gene is with Adrian Adonis and the Mouth of the South. Pretaped obviously since Gene is at the hospital. Adrian hates dogs.

Adrian Adonis (w/Jimmy Hart) v Junkyard Dog

Good stuff here. Dog did all his fun babyface power stuff while Adonis and Hart bumped all over the place for him. Everyone looked better for it and the match was entertaining and fun. Great way to end the show really. 2-5

Winner: JYD got the win after heel shenanigans with the megaphone went ary.

  • Adrian attacked with the megaphone after and threw a fit.
  • Gene is back at the hospital with an update. Hogan will live.
  • Recap of the Orton and Mr. T deal.
  • Recap of Hogan catching a beating as well. Tough night for anyone that appeared on the A-Team.
  • Only 2 more months until the next Main Event. WrestleMania is not mentioned.

Saturday Night's Main Event | WWE

Final Tally? 2-5 Well if you are looking for a WRESTLING show then this might not be for you. It was short and had a couple of decent segments but overall it was just eh. BUT, if you are looking for a cool time capsule of the time period then this will scratch you where you itch.

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