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WWE Network - ECW Just Another Night 1996


Glenolden, Pennsylvania

Commentary: Joey Styles

  • This was definitely shot on an old ass camcorder.

The Bad Crew v Joel Hartgood/J.T. Smith

J.T. attacked his own partner before the bell rang and walked out. So this was about as nothing of a match as you could ask for. 0-1

Winner: Bad Crew win after a Powerbomb/Splash combo.

  • Sandman shows up and whips their asses like he did on Cyber Slam. Good Riddance.
  • The fake Fabulous Ones do some strutting before their match to the delight of someone I’m sure.

Stevie Richards/Blue Meanie v The Pitbulls (w/Francine)

Honestly? I looked at this lineup and assumed I would hate the hell out of this match. I didn’t. It wasn’t hall of fame worthy or anything but it damn sure entertained me with the time they had. I’ve now liked two consecutive Pitbull matches and my mind is blown. 1-2

Winners: Pitbulls got the dub with a Superbomb on Meanie.

  • Meanie was out so Stevie gave him CPR via his penis. Just hand and no mouth though. I guess that’s fine for ECW.

Bill Alfonso (w/Taz) v Tod Gordon (w/Bam Bam Bigelow)

Yep. You have Taz and Bigelow in the building and use them as managers for two dudes who shouldn’t be in a match ever. Really solid planning there. It’s made worse by the fact that the actual wrestlers brawled around ringside the entire match and could have done something basic if someone were hurt or something. Just dumb. 1-3

Winner: Fonzie got the win after Taz knocked out Gordon.

  • Taz and Fonzie attack Gordon with a chair after the match but Bam Bam makes the save by no selling some chairshots and running them off.
  • The Dudleys arrive and party. This makes the Eliminators unsurprisingly mad. They brawl before the next match starts and Big Dick is ejected. So Buh Buh is all alone for a bit.

ECW Tag Team Championships: (C) Eliminators v Buh Buh Ray Dudley

They beat the shit out of Buh Buh for a few minutes except for a couple of hope spots until Hack Myers arrives to help.

ECW Tag Team Championships: (C) Eliminators v Buh Buh Ray Dudley/Hack Myers

I’ll say this. They kept it moving and it never got boring. Hack went wild and the champs still looked great. Let’s call it a point for the whole deal. 2-4

Winners: The champs retain after Total Elimination on Myers.

Sandman v Axl Rotten

Everyone calls Paul a genius for accentuating the positives of his performers and yet for the second show in a row I am watching Sandman go way too long. They wondered around and beat the hell out of one another while hitting a combined four actual moves. Nope. 2-5

Winner: Sandman after a “legdrop” from the top rope.

  • Sandman cuts a respect promo afterwards and hands Axl a beer.
  • Cactus struts with the Meanie and Stevie before the match. Bam Bam murders them to end those particular shenanigans. Mick tries to talk to talk his way out of the match but Bam Bam was having none of it. Mick probably shouldn’t have brought up Lawrence Taylor.

Cactus Jack v Bam Bam Bigelow

Joey talking shit about Mick’s WWF shirt and saying he’d never go is real funny in retrospect. There was zero chance if me not liking this thing. Both of these dudes are awesome and my only real complaint is it was really short and Mick’s leaving left who was winning really obvious. Still I dug it. 3-6

Winner: Bam Bam after a clothesline.

  • Stevie, Meanie and Cactus attack after the match. Bammer makes his own save until Taz arrives and suplexes him to hell from behind and chokes him out. A bunch of folks try to save but Cactus and the fake Fabs hold them off. Joey acts like him choking out a dude who had just wrestled, fought off three dudes FROM BEHIND like it was the miracle on ice.

ECW World Television Championship: (C) 2 Cold Scorpio v Sabu

This was around the same level as their CYBERSLAM match they just had. If you are Joey Styles that means it’s a hall of fame classic, if you are me it means it’s a good match. Good. Calm down on the superlatives you company shill. I did think it was a bit better than the previous match but have a damn winner would go a long way. 4-7

Winner: Time limit draw.

  • They shake hands following and then 2 Cold attacks because he is awesome. They brawl to the back because this feud must continue. Maybe one day we will have a winner.
  • The Franchise cuts a promo about taking his title back. It’s long.

ECW World Championship: (C) Raven (w/Kimona, Stevie and Meanie) v Shane Douglas

I would assume this would be a clash of styles but they actually did alright. There were a bunch of bells and whistles that made this more entertaining than it normally would be. The bells and whistles include appearances by Pillman taking pictures and arguing with Douglas again, Cactus interfearing and the Fabs doing their usual. Also Kimona’s gear or lack thereof. Still it wasn’t boring. 5-8

Winner: Raven retains after multiple run ins and shenanigans.

  • Sandman makes the save for Shane. Shane is appreciative and wants to team up. Also he curses. I’m as shocked as you. Whoever beats Raven the other gets the first shot. They took a long time to say this.

Raven | WWE

Final Tally? 5-8 This was clearly just a house show that they were trying to make a couple of extra couple bucks off of. Treat it as such and you may enjoy it.

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