Shows like this one make me wonder how this company even made it to the nWo.

Revisiting Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage at WCW SuperBrawl VI - LWOPW


St. Petersburg, Florida

Commentary: Tony, The Brain and Big Dust

The Nasty Boys vs. The Public Enemy: Street Fight - SuperBrawl 1996 | WWE

Falls Count Anywhere: Public Enemy v Nasty Boys

These dudes beat the living hell out of one another and and I dug it. The Nastys went especially hard with some of their chairshots. If you want straight up wrestling then this isn’t the match for you but if you dig wild brawls then this will hit the spot. 1-1

Winner: Nastys after Rocco missed a senton and Knobs killed him with a table.

  • Gene hypes the hotline and the future arrival of two former WWF champions. That would definitely change the game. Konan shows up and discusses the One Man Gang but not much is said. The US title was not in all its glory during this period.

SuperBrawl VI - Classic Wrestling Review

WCW World Television Championship and contract of Kimberly against 6 Million Dollars: (C) Johnny B Badd (w/Kimberly) v Diamond Dallas Page

Badd would be gone soon and this was just before Page stopped being terrible so don’t expect much out of this. The effort seemed there it just had little to no excitement. Not so good. 1-2

Winner: Johnny got the win and the money with a Tombstone and presents the check to Kimberly.

  • Gene interviews Harlem Heat about the tag title match tonight. Stevie was a bad man on that mic.

SuperBrawl VI - Classic Wrestling Review

WCW World Tag Team Championships: (C) Lex Luger/Sting v Harlem Heat

Just a good old fashioned WCW tag match. Nothing super exciting but it was technically fine and kind of fun. I love Luger’s scumbag character trying to stay friends with Sting no matter what. The ending was a bit blah but overall I’ll take it. 2-3

Winner: The champs retain after some Road Warrior shenanigans.

SuperBrawl VI - Classic Wrestling Review

WCW United States Championship: (C) Konnan v One Man Gang

This was the Gang’s last real big run and Konnan was still brand new to the scene. It was not a mix of styles that worked well at all. Konnan seemed nervous and Gang (even though he looked like he dropped weight) was not the greatest worker around. Plus Gang pretty much whipped the babyfaces ass for most of it and then pulled him up at two on on a pinfall which didn’t help. Nope. 2-4

Winner: The champ retained and I am happy it’s over.

  • Back to Gene and the hotline. Those WWF guys are still coming apparently. The Road Warriors arrive and are less than apologetic about costing the Heat the titles. They want Luger.

Sting & Lex Luger vs. The Road Warriors: SuperBrawl VI - WCW Tag Team  Championship Match | WWE

I Respect You Strap Match: Brian Pillman v Kevin Sullivan (w/Jimmy Hart)

Pillman came in and they scuffled for a minute before the famous ending. Not worried about a point here.

Winner: The Taskmaster gets the win after Pillman just stops wrestling and says “I respect you Bookerman” to the confusion of everyone.

  • AA comes out to help with the confusion and then Sullivan attacks him as well. Arn doesn’t play so here we go.

SuperBrawl VI - Classic Wrestling Review

I Respect You Strap Match 2: Arn Anderson v Kevin Sullivan (w/Jimmy Hart)

They rolled around for a few minutes before Flair came out to stop it. I’m not rating this either. Man Pillman really screwed them over.

Winner: Draw. That. Was. A cluster.

  • Gene interviews The Giant who gives one of the worst promos this side of the Ultimate Warrior. Jimmy Hart tries to save it but he’s not magic so that doesn’t work.

Sting & Lex Luger vs. The Road Warriors: SuperBrawl VI - WCW Tag Team  Championship Match | WWE

WCW World Tag Team Championship: (C) Lex Luger/Sting v The Road Warriors

We all know the Warriors had lost some zing off their fastball at this point. This was a great example of that. Just slow and plodding stuff that did nothing for me. I like all of these dude but this just wasn’t it. 2-5

Winners: The Champs retain after a double count out.

  • Uncensored is coming back. This would be the worst version of Hulkamania.

SuperBrawl VI - Classic Wrestling Review

WCW World Heavyweight Championship/Steel Cage Match: (C) “Macho Man” Randy Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth v Ric Flair (w/Woman)

Savage and Flair did nothing but put in banger after banger and this is no exception. Both guys went out there and did what they did best and of course the result was fun as hell. The ending ended up being kind of a joke but otherwise this holds up pretty well. Also with the shape of Savage’s knees he was crazy for jumping off that cage. That itself was worth the point. 3-6

Winner: Flair wins the belt for the thirteenth time after Liz turns on Savage by giving Flair her shoe. Yep. Shoe.

  • Hogan makes the save after the match to a chorus of boos.
  • Gene then interviews Hogan and he is all mad and stuff. Jeeze this shit is corny. Thank goodness some former WWF champions are coming in to change the course of WCW.

Hulk Hogan vs. The Giant - Steel Cage Match: SuperBrawl VI | WWE

Steel Cage Match: The Giant (w/Jimmy Hart) v Hulk Hogan

Giant was green as grass and Hogan was in the worst phase of his career creatively and in ring wise. This was some big trash in every measurable way. Straight garbage with no redeemable value. It was bad. Real bad. So what I’m saying is… no point. 3-7

Winner: Hogan barely escapes the cage to get the victory.

  • After beating the young giant of the company he then takes a chair and fights off One Man Gang, Meng, Hugh Morris, Giant, Taskmaster, Zodiac, Shark, Barbarian and my mental health. Then the Dungeon’s new weapon the Loch Ness Monster arrives to tell as we go off the air.

SuperBrawl VI - Classic Wrestling Review

Final Tally? 3-7. This was maybe the worst era WCW went through. Hogan’s ideas were just being put out there without a governor and it really shows. You could avoid this entire show and be fine. Nothing was at a level where you should sit through this entire thing ever.

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