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Winter Park, Florida

Commentary: Vic Joseph, Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett

Women’s Dusty Classic Finals: Dakota Kai/Raquel Gonzalez v Ember Moon/Shotzi Blackheart

They worked hard to make this special and took some nice bumps. Sadly it couldn’t cover up for how sloppy this was at times. Dakota in particular missed some kicks but q mile. Unfortunate but they can’t all be winners. 0-1

Winners: Kai and Gonzalez after a double team splash.

They celebrate with the trophy and Regal following.

North American Championship: (C) Johnny Gargano v Kushida

Hell of a match here. Gargano looked desperate to keep his title and Kushida seemed like a pissed off animal out there. I’m not sure if I dug them letting the heel win clean after his backup left but I like Johnny so I’ll let it slide. Match was good. 1-2.

Winner: Johnny retained after a couple of DDTs

Men’s Dusty Classic Finals: MSK v The Grizzled Young Veterans

Really fun tag match that felt like a throwback. Both teams did a hell of a job and busted their asses. The babyface team was MADE with the performance they put on. What can I say? I’m a sucker for tag wrestling. 2-3

Winners: MSK after a Hart Attack Blockbuster.

They celebrate as well.

Cameron Grimes is rich and has a music video. It’s incredibly cheesy and terrible so of course I love it.

NXT Women’s Championship: (C)Io Shirai v Toni Storm v Mercedes Martinez

Another hell if a match here. Martinez looked like the badass she is, Storm is the future and Io is amazing as always. Triple threat matches are notoriously hard to pull off but they did a damn good job here. Another one 3-4.

Winner: Io retained by stealing a pin with a moonsault on Martinez after she received a diving headbutt from Storm.

LA Knight (Eli Drake) has arrived in NXT. We see him signing with Regal.

NXT Championship: (C) Finn Balor v Pete Dunne

This had a high bar to cross after the last couple of matches but even with a slowish couple of minutes in the beginning the exceeded with ease. They told an excellent story and had a war if attrition where both guys were trying to tear a body part in half. Loved it. 4-5

Winner: Balor retained after a 1916.

After the match Lorcan and Burch arrived to help Dunne attack Finn until the Undisputed Era arrived to save Balor.

Then the other shoe dropped.

As they posed in solidarity Adam Cole superkicked Balor and then a stunned Kyle O’reilly back to back. He then left the ring while Roddy Strong looked shocked.

Final Tally? 4-5 It’s really too bad about the opener because after that this show was a classic. Can’t recommend this enough. NXT constantly exceeds expectations with these events.

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