Some new talent arrives this week. Ric Flair or something? I don’t know her.

Dallas, Texas

Commentary: Mark Lowrance and Kevin Von Erich

  • Time to run down the card.

Capt. Frank Dusek v Jesse Relampago Leon

RIC FLAIR v Richard Blood

Al Madril/Tom Shaft v Kabuki/Bundy

Carlos Zapata v Kevin Von Erich


  • Kevin gives his um…”thoughts” on the card. Poor guy had a rough night on the mic.


Capt. Frank Dusek (w/Bill Irwin) v Jesse Relampago Leon

Starting out with a barn burner I see. This was about as good as two people I don’t give a shit about walking slowly through a match can be. As in, not good at all. 0-1 with AUTHORITY.

Winner: The Captain with a terrible looking superplex.


  • Mark is with NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair. He’s the best in the world but the NWA want him to wrestle Kerry Von Erich. He does not approve. Diamonds are forever etc.


  • Kerry officially challenges Flair in the ring before the match because his Daddy owns the company. They get into it a bit and Kerry gets a fake pin on Flair. What a poor sport.


NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair v Richard Blood

Welp. Poor Dick Blood had to deal with an embarrassed World Heavyweight Champion and did as well as you can expect. Flair might as well have been wrestling himself which is always fun. I’ll allow it. 1-2

Winner: The champ won with a figure four.


  • The crowd chants for Kerry so Flair promises he will give him to them in 10 different pieces. What a swell guy.
  • Mark is with Fritz and Kerry. Kerry talks smack about Flair while being dressed like this.

  • Fritz says Kerry is the uncrowned champion. Also Kevin can beat Flair too. They teamed up for a very, very, very bad promo.


Al Madril/Tom “Boogaloo” Shaft v Kabuki/ King Kong Bundy (w/Gary Hart)

I always dig the two referees for tag matches. This was basic but the crowd was going nuts the entire time. I thought it was fine and they kept it moving just enough. 2-3

Winners: Kong and Kabuki win after a distraction double team.


Carlos Zapata v Kevin Von Erich (w/Mike Von Erich)

I may mock his complete and total lack of speaking ability but Kevin was an athlete of the highest caliber. The match was not a classic or anything but definitely wasn’t terrible. Zapata held up his end fine so that helped. 3-4

Winner: Kevin wins with a leg scissors.


  • Mark ran down the events of the evening and signs off.

Final Tally? 3-4 and we got to see Flair. That’s a pretty solid show right there.

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