Almost done with 1981.


Commentary: Bob Caudle, David Crockett

  • The boys run down the card. David has literally nothing memorized.

Jake Roberts/Blackjack Mulligan v Nikolai Volkoff/Charlie Fulton

Not a terrible little southern style tag match. I really wish they would stick with a partner for Jake if they want him in tag title contention so bad. Volkoff sucked but everyone else was alright enough for a point. 1-1

Winner: Blackjack got the win for his team by pinning Fulton with a move the cameras apparently missed from every angle. Amazing.

  • Blackjack cuts a blown up ass promo and admits it. He puts over Mid-Atlantic.
  • We get the Sandy Scott promo about talent from last week.
  • We throw to the same Tommy Rich match from last week.

Tommy Rich v Tony Russo

Tommy was already a former NWA Champion at this point but they failed to mention it. Sandy and Bob do voiceover stuff for this match and jeeze…it wasn’t good. A former World Champion shouldn’t be going 50/50 with a dude that looks like Danny Devito as the Trashman.

Winner: Tommy via the Thesz Press.

  • No need to watch that twice.
  • They also show the deal with Angelo Mosca and Piper/Slaughter, again from last week. Wild hearing Vince on Mid-Atlantic though.
  • Blackjack gives his thoughts on all the time filling that just went on. He wants the Cadillac. We segway into a video of him and Big John Stud getting into it. He wants Stud as well.
  • Sarge is out now. Wahoo didn’t answer his challenge so he wants anyone else. Also anyone who gets out of the Cobra Clutch gets a thousand smackeroos. Sarge is on a roll and doesn’t care. Love it. Oh, shit. A Jim Nelson match.

Jim Nelson v Keith Larson

Yep a Boris Zhukov match. Go ahead and assume I hated it and move on with your day. 1-2

Winner: Big head wins with the Cobra Clutch.

  • Steamboat is out with a sack full of mail. He wants Piper and hopes the fan support will help him.
    Ricky wasn’t exactly a great promo guy so this was eh.

Ninja (w/Jim Holiday) v Vinnie Valentino

They let Jim Holiday join commentary and I almost died from boredom. The Ninja had a couple of nice throws and it wasn’t as boring as normal so I’ll be charitable. 2-3

Winner: Ninja after a diving headbutt.

Roddy Piper/Ole Anderson v Don Kernodle/Tony Anthony

The Dirty White Boy certainly looked different here. Ole and Piper gave them just enough to make it entertaining but it was still just a squash. I’m alright with it though. 3-4

Winner: Ole got the win by destroying Tony’s arm.

  • They keep attacking after the match like a couple of jerks until Steamboat and Jake make the save.
  • Steamboat is upset. Jake talks circles around Ricky obviously.

Overall Thoughts: 3-4 They had more filler in here than normal this week but the in ring stuff was mostly alright. Adding Mulligan to the show seems helpful so far.

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