More JYD goodness.

Commentary: Boyd Pierce and Ted Dibiase

  • They start by hyping the Dream Match deal again and running down the card.
  • Ted talks about getting his figure four reversed the week prior

Tom Renesto Jr v Brian Blair

Hey! They spelled Brian’s name right this week! Exciting. I would not use that word for anything else in this match. That would be up to and including Ted’s commentary. Not what I would call and entertaining start. 0-1

Winner: Blair wins with the figure four and apparently we just use anyone’s finish around here.

  • Paul Ellering is back and it seems everyone ripped off Billy Graham’s style. A very cringe worthy promo. He challenged Sheiky Baby to a club competition.

Paul Ellering v Don Serrano

Paul was jacked. Don was not. This was also not my cup of tea. Paul sucked worse in the ring than he did on the mic. Woof so far. 0-2

Winner: Paul with the Hangman’s Noose neckbreaker.

Mike Boyer v Louisiana Heavyweight Champion Junk Yard Dog

Non title obviously. Dog squashed the hell out of a game Boyer. It was fast and not a lot of laying around so I dug it. JYD is the truth. 1-3

Winner: JYD with the Thump.

Paul Orndorff/Bob Orton Jr. v Carlos Zapata/The Monk

Bob was the Mississippi Heavyweight Champion here. Zapata has been featured over in our WCCW reviews lately. Weird to see him out of Texas. Honestly they had me slightly excited for a hot tag to The Monk so you know they did a good job. Babyfaces Carlos wasn’t bad either. I’ll accept this. 2-4

Winner: Orndorff and Bob after a Paul figure four on Monk.

Bob Roop v Mike George

This was entertaining enough for an early 1980s style match. Both guys did everything smoothly and there wasn’t a lot of down time. This show is improving by the moment. 3-5

Winner: Bob Roop after a high knee.

Ed Wiskowski v Mike Bond

Neat, old Colonel DeBeers is back. Said no one ever. Welp. There went that streak of entertaining stuff. Big Ed was not looking super crisp with anything besides stomping. At least it was quick. 3-6

Winner: Ed with a backbreaker.

  • Paul is out to take on Sheik in the Persian Club $1000 challenge. Paul does 50 but definitely didn’t do them the way Sheik does. Cheating ass. Akbar say Sheik will do his AFTER he beats Frank Monte. Seems fair. Also he’s going to double the bet. So Sheik has to double that 50, Akbar says 200 which isn’t double 50 but whatever, I’m not a fake oil baron guy.

Frank Monte v The Iron Sheik (w/Skandor Akbar)

Remember what I said last week?

Have you ever seen a good Sheik singles match? Me either.

Same. 3-7

Winner: The Sheik with a German Suplex.

  • Paul slides right back in to finish the Persian Club deal. Trying to take advantage of an exhausted man I see. Coward. Akbar agrees with me and complains that Sheik just wrestled. Cheating ass Paul still wants it to happen. They claim that Akbar is just stalling for TV time to expire which I think is just ridiculous! Oops out of time!

Final Tally? 3-7 Another week that was an acquired taste. Dog continues to impress and the angle at the end was funny. Let’s keep going.

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