Yee haw we are back in Texas.

Dallas, Texas

Commentary: Mark Lowrance (no Gene this week) and Kevin Von Erich

  • As usual they do the right thing and run down the card.

Bugsy McGraw v Jesse Relampago Leon

King Kong Bundy v El Negro Assassin

Capt. Frank Dusek v Al Madril

Carlos Zapata v Kerry Von Erich

Wild Bill Irwin v Kevin Von Erich

Bugsy McGraw v Jesse Relampago Leon

Where to begin? First Mark is MILES better than Gene on commentary, sadly that is brought down by Kevin saying 1980s casual racism stuff on commentary all match. Second this was all about Bugsy and his comedy act. Not good kids. 0-1

Winner: Bugsy after a top rope splash that looked like shit and probably hurt like hell.

  • King Kong Bundy and Gary Hart join Mark. I knew babyface Bundy wasn’t lasting too long. Bundy took the money. More power to him really.

Capt. Frank Dusek (w/Bill Irwin)v Al Madril

This was about as “Southern Rasslin” as you can get. I’m normally into that but outside of Dusek tying himself into the tree of woe there was nothing about this that I enjoyed. Eh. 0-2

Winner: Al after Frank used a weapon of some sort in front of the referee like a moron and got disqualified.

  • Then old boy gets his weapon taken away from him and ran off with it. Tough day to be the Captain I guess.
  • Madril wants some more. Also apparently it was a whip. Looked like a stick to me.
  • Fritz is out with Mark and he hates Gary Hart. He complains about both Kabuki and Bundy. Not a super promo from Fritz here but you get the point.

King Kong Bundy (w/Gary Hart) v El Negro Assassin

The ring announcer accidentally called him Big Daddy Bundy but Gary fixed that in a hurry. Old El Negro got turned into El luchador aplastado in a hurry. A fun beating from Bundy though if not a shade too long. Good enough though. 1-3

Winner: Bundy after a big splash.

Texas Heavyweight Champion Wild Bill Irwin (w/Capt. Frank) v Kevin Von Erich

I believe this is non title. Not a perfect match but having a Von Erich in there with a decent wrestler like Irwin always equals at the very least a fun match. This isn’t a classic or anything but it was entertaining. 2-4

Winner: Kevin after Frank attacks with that whip and earning his dude a disqualification. They must hate clean finishes tonight.

  • Kevin doesn’t want to win that way. He wants the match to continue.
  • Welp we are restarting.

Texas Heavyweight Champion Wild Bill Irwin (w/Capt. Frank) v Kevin Von Erich

Round 2 I guess. Way more energy than the first part of the match but it only goes a couple of minutes until the time limit (I assume they added both matches to get that). No score.

Winner: Time limit draw.

  • Frank attacks again but Kevin is a Von Erich and makes his own save.
  • Kevin wants to go again. Jesus, let it go bro.
  • Mark apologizes for the Kerry/Zapata match not going down due to time constraints and signs off.

Final Tally? 2-4 Once again not everything was great but it’s really hard to hate on a show that only takes 45 minutes to get through. Also we see the birth of a future WrestleMania main event guy so that’s kind of cool at the very least.

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