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Commentary: Bro Rogan and Jay Mendoza

  • This is the first in a series of fifteen shows I will be covering for Paradigm since they won the Twitter vote by a wide margin. Due to coming in second in the voting I will be covering 10 shows from our friends at Black Label Pro.
  • So. In case you haven’t been paying attention lately the way I do these is like this, if I like the match it gets a point if not it doesn’t. Fairly simple and straight forward. Also it’s my OPINION. I’m not an expert nor do I pretend to be so if you enjoy something I don’t more power to you. We good? Cool.

(Also even if my logo IS on the poster it won’t change my opinion one iota. Now that being said I will accept cash bribes because I like money)

Freddie Hudson v Shane Andrews

You will immediately notice future PPW Champion Freddie out here in some gym shorts from the mall. Also Bro Rogan s version of “The Warrior” leaves a lot to be desired. Freddie was leaning into the shooter deal here and the resulting match was solid. Shane Andrews is an experienced dude so having him in there helped a lot. Not too shabby. 1-1

Winner: Shane Andrews after a brain buster.

Jake Lander v Bradley Prescott IV v Blake Christian v JDL

This started out as a triple threat but JDL forced his way in with a promo that went too long and said too little. It be like that sometimes. Now Doug is out to make it official. Insert the “wrap it up” gif in here whenever you want. This was your basic indie four way deal. If you like them you’ll like this. Lander impressed me with a double DVD on Brad and Blake at the same time. Meanwhile Blake obviously showed out in his debut match and would go on to do alright for himself. They really couldn’t decide to do comedy or super indie but this was fine. 2-2

Winner: BPIV after he almost dropped Jake on his head with a powerbomb.

Myron Reed v Corey Storm

Storm started quick again the future PPW Champion and MLW superstar. There were about 146 cutters in the first 5 minutes between both guys. In what is supposed to be a respect feud or whatever they really set up a lot of flippy shit. Corey even cursed at Myron at the end and then before he used his killing blow he did a handspring. I mean, the flips are nice but eh. Nope. 2-3

Winner: Myron won with a roll-up out of Corey being so angry he did gymnastics right into it.

  • They get into a shoving match after the match and Corey stands dejected in the ring. Maybe next time just do a move bud.

Ace Austin v Cole Radrick

You have to give it to Impact Wrestling’s Ace Austin. Brother was like ” You know what is a great gimmick? Gambit.” and then made it work. Cole looks 100% more in shape as I write this than he did here. He really worked hard to get better. Other than Cole slipping a bit on a Lionsault and his leg catching Ace in the face everything went pretty smoothly. Yeah there was some flippy stuff in there but it didn’t hurt the story of the match. Both dudes seemed like they were trying to win which I enjoy in my fake fighting. 3-4

Winner: Ace after a Fold.

Lethal Injection v Awesome Odyssey

This was perfectly fine tag wrestling. Yes, there were a few small things that missed a bit but the pace was fine and everything mostly made sense. Both teams are young, hungry and talented. I’ll take it. 4-5

Winner: Awesome Odyssey via a wonky frog splash by Copeland.

Dustin Rayz v Mikey

Both guys came into this undefeated. Dustin was being pushed as a monster for a few shows and then was gone because indie wrestling. Serious Mikey is always fun and this was a solid brawl. I still miss Mikey’s hair. This will do. 5-6

Winner: Dustin Rayz after a double underhook piledriver. (Catalyst Driver if you’re nasty.)

Paradigm Tag Team Championship (C) The Rejects v The Gym Nasty Boys

I like both teams so I’m predisposed to enjoying this. It was half GNB comedy and half Reject wild brawl but the point is earned when PPWs Doug Votaw gets taken out in the crowd and can’t get up. Gotta respect it. Just a fun main event, probably didn’t need a half an hour for it but that’s a small complaint. Good stuff. 6-7

Winner: The Champs retain after a Koji Clutch on Timmy.

  • In a moment that shocked the Wrestling world. REED BENTLEY cuts a promo! I know. Take a second. He announced the Rejects Invitational tournament which will be reviewed here. GNBs and Hooligans are both in.
  • White Mike puts over the Rejects next and they are ready for the tournament. Lots of respect shown.

Overall Thoughts: 6-7. This was a fun show. Honestly even the match I docked a point wasn’t bad, the finish just annoyed me and I’m a bitter old man. Anywho, check this one out at the very least for the fun brawl in the main event.

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