The Network skipping forward a couple of weeks here brings us deep into November.

Commentary: Bob Caudle, David Crockett

  • Sandy Scott joins us to discuss some talent recruitment stuff. Riveting.
  • They run down a bit of the show for us with Bob cutting David off before he talks too much.

Ricky Harris v Jay Youngblood

Old Black Bart is way bigger than Youngblood and that kind of surprised me. Other than a couple of dropkicks it was all side headlocks from Jay. The only action occurred in the minute Harris was in control. Not on my watch bub. 0-1

Winner: Jay after a lame ass diving elbow.

  • Sarge and Private Nelson joins us to roll some footage Wahoo calling him out previously. He wants some of Wahoo now. You don’t call Sarge a coward apparently.

United States Champion Sgt. Slaughter v Ken Hall

Pretty sure this was non title because who the fuck is Ken Hall? Doesn’t matter, he got whooped. Sarge spent the entire match beating this dude down and talking shit about Wahoo. That’s good enough for a point. 1-2

Winner: Sarge with the Cobra Clutch.

  • Some weirdo runs down a card in Roanoke. Ivan arrives and talks some smack about his no DQ match against Handsome Jimmy. Not a super promo from Uncle Ivan.
  • Sandy Scott is back out to talk about a new talent incentive again. They are putting an 82 Caddy on the line in a tournament and the first announced talent is Tommy Rich. So we get a peak at him.

Tommy Rich v Tony Russo

Tommy was already a former NWA Champion at this point but they failed to mention it. Sandy and Bob do voiceover stuff for this match and jeeze…it wasn’t good. A former World Champion shouldn’t be going 50/50 with a dude that looks like Danny Devito as the Trashman. 1-3

Winner: Tommy via the Thesz Press.

  • Ole and Piper arrived during Sarge’s match and they finally get on camera after like 20 minutes. They bring Sarge with them. They all want the Caddy. All three are in the tourney with Tommy. Apparently Angelo Mosca is in the tournament as well. We join his match in progress.

Angelo Mosca (w/Captain Lou) v Some Schmuck

They all talk over this match and don’t show the ending luckily. This gets a pass.

  • Jay Youngblood, Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts join us for a conversation. Jay wants a US title shot. I’m sure Sarge is scared. Steamboat wants some of Piper. Finally Jake gets to talk since the other two are big trash on the mic. Jake wants Ole.

Jimmy Valiant v Dick Rivers

We get a one minute match with half of that being overshadowed by loud piano music. Hey, I’m all about short Jimmy Valiant matches. 2-4

Winner: Jimmy with an elbow.

  • Piper is back out with Bob. He doesn’t like being called a coward so he shows a tape of himself pulling shenanigans. Steamboat jumps in the ring but Piper isn’t impressed and takes a walk.
  • Weird dude is back to promote Roanoke again. This time he’s with Jay Youngblood and Ray Stevens. Ray says some racist stuff and Jay once again spits some real sad sauce to follow that up.
  • Jimmy Valiant arrives to smack talk Uncle Ivan to weird guy. It’s better than his Wrestling at least.
  • Weird guy is now joined by Blackjack Mulligan Jr. who gets a shot at Ric Flair’s World title in Roanoke. Barry looks eleven years old here. Terrible promo.

Jake Roberts/Ricky Steamboat v Super Destroyer/The Grappler

Really solid early 80’s style tag match. They kept the pace moving without a crap ton of side headlocks so I approved. Jake even nailed a DDT here even if Bob called it “kinda like a bulldog”. I dug it. 3-5

Winners: The guys without masks by DQ after Piper and Ole got involved.

  • Huge brawl following with the babyface standing tall.
  • Bob talks with Steamboat who is sucking wind big-time. He shows the rest of the Piper tape from earlier. Steamboat is all mad and stuff.

Overall Thoughts: 3-5 I don’t have any idea of why I dig these shows but I do. Maybe it’s Sarge not being the complete trash I remember from my formative years as a fa. Maybe it’s Ole. It’s probably Ole.

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