Venturing into Bill Watts territory today.

Commentary: Boyd Pierce and Ernie Ladd

  • They run the card and say the word midget in the first 30 seconds. Amazing. Get in your votes for the Dream Match now.

The Monk v Bryan Blair

Brian is of course the Killer Bee but with a “y”. The Monk looks like a time traveling Reed Bentley. Not a whole lot to this one. Just a squash for Blair and an unexciting one at that. 0-1

Winner: Blair with a pin after falling in an abdominal stretch.

Tom Renesto Jr. v King Cobra

Well this was what the kids call “not very good”. The best part of the entire thing were the dropkicks from Cobra and that’s mainly because they were so trash that I actually giggled like a child at them. 0-2

Winner: King Cobra after a headbutt.

Jim Garvin v Ed Wiskowski

Ed would be better known as the racist ass character of Colonel DeBeers. Jimmy Garvin is yoked here, literally best I’ve ever seen him look. It’s really crazy, you put two decent guys in there and they have a good match. I’ll be damned. 1-3

Winner: Big Ed after a stungun and gutbuster.

  • Boyd and Ernie show us a clip from the Dog having to fight off the Orndorffs and a cast of characters previously. Ernie enjoyed that more than Boyd.

Junkyard Dog/Mike George v Jerry Novak/Aaron Holt

Dog looks like ten million dollars. No wonder he made so much damn money for Watts. This was a big ol squash. Dog was something else though so here’s a point. 2-4

Winner: Dog and George after a big Thump on Holt.

The Iron Sheik (w/Skandor Akbar) v Buddy Ryan

Have you ever seen a good Sheik singles match? Me either. 2-5

Winner: Sheiky Baby after a deadlift German Suplex.

Diamond Lil/Rick Ferrara v Barbie Doll/Tony Charles

Well. Tony Charles wasn’t bad. Was he good enough to make me enjoy this? God no. 2-6

Winner: Barbie and Tony after a buttsplash to Lil.

North American Champion Ted Dibiase v Paul Orndorff

Non title affair here. Hell of a match. Both guys looked crisp and even today the pace wasn’t boring at all. Two really good wrestlers knocked it out of the park with a great match and story. Can’t ask for more than that. 3-7

Winner: The time expired as Orndorff had Dibiase in the reverse figure four.

Final Tally? 3-7 Not everything was great obviously but the stuff that was good delivered in spades. This is definitely in the rotation. Check out the main and JYD for sure.

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