In no particular order. I don’t want to toot the horn or anything but this show is kinda stacked with talent.

Former AIW/AIW Intense, PPW Tag and Blackcraft Champion Matthew Justice

Current PPW and Unsanctioned Pro tag Champion John Wayne Murdoch

Current PPW and Unsanctioned Pro tag Champion Reed Bentley

“Death Samurai” AKIRA

Former DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal Champion Levi Everett

MWT Championship Chain Holder Chase Holliday

PPW Heavy Hitters Champion Hoodfoot Mo Atlas

Former OVW, PPW and IWA Tag Champion Adam Slade

The Ace of PPW Bradley Prescott IV

2020 SCI Future Showcase Winner Nolan Edward

Former OVW Women’s Champion Kayla Kassidy

Don’t Die Miles

Big Cuz

Former Back to Back TPI Winner 7x IWA, HWA and Rockstar Pro Champion Aaron Williams

Former Emerge Tag Champion Big Perc

Former 3x OVW Champion Mike Braddock

Zay Washington

“Suplex Assassin” Alex Kane

EWE Immortal Champion Lexus Montez

Reigning Loyal Rumble Winner Big D

Former Grindhouse Women’s and Tag Champion Billie Starkz

Inaugural PPW Heavy Hitters Champion and former PPW Tag Champion Bobby Beverly

Former Emerge Outbreak Champion Flash Thompson

Once defeated Suicide Kid/Master of the Vertical Suplex Ben Shearin

In the doggo division we have

Kota, Morticia and Chi Chi.

Also the first match announcement has already been made. The Loyal Rumble returns this year with a twist. Come as you are anything goes, it’s a DOGHOUSE STAMPEDE!

This show is going to be fun and for a great cause. Stay tuned here for more information on tickets and match/talent updates!

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