Back again

Commentary: Bob Caudle, David Crockett

  • We go straight to the ring.

Charlie Fulton v Buddy Landell

Brown haired babyface Buddy is wild. If you like to watch Charlie Fulton slowly dominate a match then this one is for you. If you are a normal person though it gets no points and likes it. 0-1

Winner: Buddy with a Gutwrench Suplex.

  • Wahoo and Jake complain about the Anderson shenanigans during a tag bout between Jake/Paul Jones and Ole/Super Destroyer. Not what I would call super exciting. We get a tape of the match in question to really fill some time.
  • The Andersons arrive and Ole talks his ass off as per usual. David Crockett sucks and tries to get himself over. Ole should have fucked him up.

Jimmy Valiant v Ricky Harris

Just a Boogie Woogie Squash. Hey, at least it quick and wasn’t boring. 1-2

Winner: Jimmy after an elbow drop.

  • Jimmy Holiday is with Ninja. Jimmy reading off a piece of paper is as boring as it sounds.

Ninja (w/Jimmy Holiday) v Mike Davis

Mr. Pogo did a hell of a job disguising himself other than the name on his tights (well Pogo and Kabuki). Can’t win them all. This sure had a lot of chopping and kicking. I mean, not GOOD chopping and kicking. 1-3

Winner: Ninja with a second rope headbutt.

  • Mid-Atlantic Champ Rick Steamboat and Bad Bad Leroy Brown join Bob. They discuss Ninja and Rick makes a Halloween “joke”. Woof. Leroy wants Sgt. Slaughter. *Spoiler* He shouldn’t.

NWA Television Championship: Kris Markoff (w/Lord Alfred Hayes) v (C) Ron Bass

I enjoyed this way more than I should have to be honest. Two big meaty men slapping meat. They really went at it and I liked the hell out of this but opinions may vary. 2-4

Winner: Bass via DQ after Hayes gets involved.

United States Champion Sgt. Slaughter v Don Kernodle

A scene from the Dating Game or something pops up on in the tape of this match early on. Wild. Decent match between future tag team champs. Sarge was something else sin these old ass shows. 3-5

Winner: Sarge with the Cobra Clutch.

  • Piper is out to cut a quick coked up promo.
  • Sarge is next. He makes Jim Nelson do push-ups.
  • Uncle Ivan arrives to badmouth Ron Bass.

Overall Thoughts: 3-5 isn’t too bad an average for these shows. Plus 1981 Sarge is a damn star.

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